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Up, Up and Away or Down to Earth? Which Activity is for You?

Budapest Skyward

We have a plethora of activities for you to choose from at Stag Republic, it all depends on your own personal ideas about what’s fun and what’s not! Whether you like to feel the adrenalin coursing through your veins, or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, we’ve got the goods to entertain […]

5 Reasons to Book a Party Bus in Budapest

party bus budapest

There are many ways to get to your accommodation once you land in Budapest. Our favourite ones are the Hummer Daddy and Party Bus. But let’s face it: the bigger the place is, the more fun you have. Let us introduce you to the different reasons as to why you should book a Party Bus […]

Our Suggestions For Daytime Activities To Try On Your Stag Weekend In Budapest

Bubble football

If you Google Budapest, the first things that come up (among the many sightseeing possibilities) are endless parties, ruin bars and a great variety of clubs. What’s good to know is that if you’re coming for a stag weekend to Budapest, you have the opportunity to try many daytime activities (not forgetting about pubs, clubs […]

Looking For Something A Little More Sophisticated?

stag holiday

Be it a stag holiday in Budapest or Krakow, it’s not always just booze and boobs. For those who don’t want to spend most of their time in pubs and strip clubs we’ve put together a few activities that include a little culture and/or sightseeing, thus making sure you have some uncensored proof of how […]

Choose Your Poison On Your Stag Weekend in Budapest

wine stag dinner budapest

A stag weekend in Budapest is not a stag weekend without your favourite or ’going to be favourite’ nectars: beer, wine, pálinka and unicum. Why not try our favourite activities that include a lot of booze? Beer Bike, Wine Tasting and Local Spirit Tasting are just waiting for you to give them a try. Beer […]

Crack Krakow With These Action-Packed Activities

Krakow offroading

Krakow is the place to be on a stag do. There are a million and one activities for you to try, so you’d better book a week so you can try them all out! At least there’s no need to worry about being bored, with activities and nightlife ready to be sampled in Poland’s capital, […]

Night Time Activities For An Unforgettable Stag Party in Budapest!

Budapest Strip Club

All you need for an amazing stag party is the right people, at the right time and in the right place. So going to Budapest is the first box ticked, make sure you bring your bestest buds along for the ride and take our worldly advice on the best bars and clubs to go to, […]

Unusual Stag Parties in Riga

Doing shots out of testtubes with a local Riga guide

If you’re after something a little more off the beaten track, something a little more unusual for your stag do, then look no further than Riga, in Latvia. This funky little town has all you need for a cracking weekend of fun, laughter and all things stag, minus the antlers… Bobsledding If you’ve never seen […]

Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked While Shooting in Budapest!

Stag do shooting range

Ever feel like firing your gun to relieve some tension, while in the company of some of your good friends? Get your mind out of the gutter, we mean for target practice at one of Budapest’s finest shooting ranges! Fuel up those testosterone levels and experience something wild and wonderful as you aim and fire […]

Try Something Different for the Football Crazy Stag Party in Krakow!

Stag weekend Budapest

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming…oh, no it didn’t. Never mind boys (sob), you can pretend it did on your stag party in Krakow, with plenty of football activities to choose from with Stag Republic. Either watching or taking part, we have some fantastic footy-related undertakings to get over the World Cup disappointment. […]