Are you ready for your Stag Do in Riga, boys? Now that you’ve booked your hotel, the Party Boat and strippers, it’s time to think about something slightly different for your big weekend. Aside from the Shooting Range, 5-a-side football and mud-wrestling ladies, how about zipping through the Latvian countryside on a bobsled?

This particular Bobsled track is one of the longest in Europe, each bobsled (vuchkos) will hold 4 people (in the winter, 2 in the summer). So work out how many you will need and leave the rest to us. Adrenalin-fuelled, this is a perfect hangover cure. Feel the wind in your hair and an icy blast in your face (not from the future mother-in-law this time!) and away you go! You get to have two slides per person, so you can relive the amazing experience immediately. All of the safety gear will be provided for you (helmets etc), if you’re visiting in the winter,you’ll be sliding on ice, so don’t forget your thermals boys, or your wedding tackle might get frozen clean off! In the summer, you’ll be rolling on tracks, so the cool breeze will ease the heat of the day.

Bobsled in Riga

Once you’ve finished bobsledding, there will be a round of beers waiting for you, on the house! Of course, if you feel that bobsledding isn’t enough and you’re still itching for more adrenalin-fuelled rides, then the Aquapark is the best place for you and the Stags. For 2 hours, you can whizz around the park, through tubes, down slides – you could even create some races for the competitive amongst you. There’s even a floating bar. You heard me, a FLOATING BAR!! If you’re one of the lads who would rather chill out to work off that hangover, then book your place, take a pew and order your favourite tipple, while watching the nutters fly down the slides and (hopefully) lose their swimming shorts in the process!

Aquapark stags in Riga

If you love extremes, then your Stag Do in Riga should include a Sauna Party afterwards! The heat of the sauna and the bubbles in the jacuzzi will have you murmuring with delight (mmm!) Pure relaxation after the craziness of bobsledding and the Aquapark, dee-licious!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime, so book your bobsleds, boys, you won’t be disappointed!