There are no limits as to what you can do on your Stag Weekend; from sports to stripping, shooting to speeding around a racetrack, whatever your desires – they can be played out with Stag Republic! We regularly update our Budapest Stag Activities and we’ve got some absolute blinders for you to get your teeth into!

Budapest Skyward

Are you the type of Stags who love an adrenalin-fuelled activity? Then you’re in for a very special treat! Stag Republic has added a new activity to their repertoire and it will blow your socks off. If you’ve ever thought about having a go at skydiving, then here is a way that you can experience the feeling without actually jumping out of a plane. Imagine tumbling and rolling through the air, feeling as if at any moment you could come crashing down to Earth – don’t worry, you won’t. But you will be able to have the exact same feeling as if you were hurtling through the sky, maybe use it as a practice for the real thing? You’ll be supported by the Skyward fans, which will keep you aloft for 3 minutes – the duration of the activity. Of course, we’ll supply you with a round of free beers to help you acclimatise, once back on solid ground.

Budapest Skyward


Would you prefer to stay on the ground, rather than fly through the air? Fancy a bit of friendly competition on a golf course? It’s not strictly golf on its own, it’s golf combined with football! Yes, you heard right, this activity is a fusion of the two sports – not as hectic as straightforward football and not quite as relaxing as golf. Perfect for those sporty Stags who need to get rid of some pent-up energy before the evening’s shenanigans. All of the instructions and equipment will be provided, along with a referee – so there’ll be no cheating! Take in the wonderful views and fresh Hungarian air, this is one of the Budapest Stag Activities that will help you to improve your handicap and hone those footballing skills, both at the same time!

Footgolf Budapest

Of course, if you like the idea of being out of control in the air and having a go at a brand new combi-sport, pop them on your list of desired activities and we’ll do the rest! One of our lovely, local guides will be there to ensure you have the best time imaginable!

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