Feeling a little bit stressed with all of the wedding planning? We have the perfect way to relieve you of that stress so that you can return to your bride relaxed and calm, ready for the big day – Carsmash! It does what it says on the tin, yep, you get to smash up an old car and take out all of your annoyances by beating the crap out of an inanimate object and it’s legal!


There is boxing where you can beat up another person, but with Carsmash, you get to use all kinds of tools. Hammers and axes, among others, are available for you to hit, whack and smash the hell out of an old banger – and your car insurance won’t be affected! Your Stag weekend in Budapest will certainly be memorable, photo opportunities abound! Why not bring along some spray paint if you like, so you can decorate it once you’ve finished smashing, it’ll be the prettiest smashed up old banger on the block!

Carsmash Budapest

All You Can Drink Dinner

Although you do get a free drink after your Carsmash activity, you could quench your thirst  with our fantastic All You Can Drink Dinner. A delicious 3 course meal is on offer, with as much alcohol (or soft drinks) as you can manage. You can choose from 3 set menus: chicken, pork or vegetarian to build your stamina, ready for the evening ahead. The drinks include house wine, draught beer, soft drinks, water, coffee or tea. Make sure you can handle it though, once you’re stuffed full of gorgeous food and singing loudly, your pub crawl awaits…

All You Can Drink Dinner - Budapest

Guided Pub Crawl

Your lovely guide will be ready to take you to some of the best bars and clubs in Budapest, and there are lots to choose from. She’ll make sure that you go to the places that are right up your street, cosy Ruin pubs where you can chat and banter, bars where you can listen to live music, or pumping clubs where you can get your groove on and chat up the ladies! Fancy a bit of lady nakedness? Then she can escort you to the best strip clubs Budapest has to offer, where you can watch a stage show or book yourselves a private Lap dance, think you can handle it boys?

Guided Pub Crawl

To ensure that your Stag weekend in Budapest is amazing in every way, include Carsmash and All You Can Drink Dinner to your list of activities, for the most relaxing and exciting way to celebrate your nuptials!