For the boys who love to play-fight, Paintball in Budapest is one of the best Stag activities you can do. If you would like a Stag Weekend that includes a little bit of competition, a roll in the mud and some high energy adrenalin, then why not book one of our brilliant Paintball games? Based on an old army training site, the games take place on a hectare of land, complete with trenches and bunkers to get that authentic feel of being in a war zone.

We’ll dress you up in the appropriate gear, with jumpsuits and masks to look the part – ample opportunities for photos. You’ll be armed with a gun and 200 paintballs (for the 2 hr game), ready to take your opponents down. This is no picnic, this isn’t for the faint-hearted, the paintballs do hurt and you will have the bruises to prove it! Even though it can be painful, being shot and running around, diving and hiding can also be exhilirating. You’ll certainly feel as if you’ve had a work out by the time you finish. It’s the old pleasure/pain syndrome, it hurts to be shot, but it feels soo good to pop one out and get your enemy right where the sun don’t shine!! Pleasure and pain boys, it’s all about the pleasure and pain.  There are some particularly challenging games over 6 courses, from Speedball to Omaha Beach and other trench courses.

Paintball in Budapest is an excellent way to break the ice, if some of your Stags are not a regular part of your group. It will help you all to relax for the rest of your weekend, chatting about who shot who and comparing bruises over celebratory beers. If there is any old rivalry between any of the boys, then this will be the place to get even…expect some sneaky tactics and shouts of “It’s just a game” once you all get going! Paintball in Budapest is very much a team building game, from the planning and preparing before the game, to the inevitable bragging by the winners at the end, but all in all, it’s a brilliant activity to counteract all of the sitting, eating and alcohol consumed over the weekend!

Paintballing in Budapest

Once you’re done, you can relax, have a bevvy and look forward to the weekend’s crazy shenanigans, forgetting all about your aches and pains!