You might think that making your way to and from the airport is quite a dull, yet necessary part of your Stag weekend in Krakow. But it doesn’t have to be that way! From beginning to end, we like to provide our Stag Parties with endless entertainment, no one gets bored on our watch. We have some of the best airport transfers around, so your trip begins and ends with fun!

Party Bus

Pimped out in the most fantabulous way possible, our Party Bus is adorned with a gaming console, a 3000w sound system, Karaoke and 2 fully-stocked mini bars. You can party like it’s 1999 all the way to your accommodation and back! Should you not have enough entertainment on board, luckily for you we’ve included a sexy stripper to get you all in the mood for your Stag Weekend in Krakow.

Party Bus in Krakow

Hummer Limo

If you’d like to arrive in Krakow in style, then the Hummer Limo is the way to go. Sleek and sexy, the Limo is stocked with 2 bottles of bubbly and a round of beers to help you to chill out after your flight and ease you into your crazy weekend!

Krakow stag hummer limo


Stripper Hummer

Pretty much the same as the Hummer Limo, but with the addition of a deliciously sexy stripper who will pay special attention to the Stag, but you’ll all get to watch while you sip your bottles of bubbly and beer, lounging in the comfort of your stylish ride.

Stripper Limo

See the envy in the other tourists’ eyes as they watch you climb aboard your Stripper Limo. Included is a bottle of bubbly and a round of beers, as well as the stripper of course! She’ll flirt and seduce, but don’t become too attached, once she’s made the Stag grin with delight, it’ll be time for her to go. No need to get upset, there’s plenty more dancing ladies in town!

Krakow stag stripper hummer

Stag Limo Transfer

In your delightfully stylish stretch Limo, you can relax, sip a beer or a glass of bubbly as you chat and anticipate your upcoming Stag Weekend in Krakow. Delivered straight to your accommodation, you can begin partying as soon as you wish!

Katowice and Airport Transfer

Our Airport Transfer is cheap and cheerful, you’ll get your personal coach ride to and from the airport and a printed Krakow nightlife guide. The Katowice Transfer is a one way drive to your accommodation, along with a round of beers of course!

Katowice airport transfers to Krakow