Ready to fight, boys? It’s ok, we’re not asking you to join the army, but if your Stag Party is up for a make-believe battle; running around a Rambo-style woodland and shooting at your enemies, then try your hand at Paintballing!

Paintball in Budapest is a fantastic way of releasing all of that crazy stress surrounding your upcoming wedding. Run around in the fresh air, over a former military site which has been used by the Russian army, to train and practice techniques. You and your buddies will get dressed up in the appropriate gear; jumpsuit and mask, along with your bezzie mate – the paintball gun. Pick teams and decide on your strategy to take down the opposition.  Don’t worry, you’ll have a games master and a referee to keep an eye on proceedings and they will have the last word on whether a team member is dead or not!

Budapest paintball


You’ll have a safety briefing before you play, make sure you listen! Nothing worse than not having your mask on and being shot in the face…Paintball pellets do hurt when they hit, so if you want to avoid this, get running! It’s an amazing experience, one of the most popular choices for Stag Parties due to its adrenalin-fuelled nature. This isn’t just one battle. We have 6 different courses, to test you and push you as far as you can go. There are also individual games, as well as the team games, such as Speedball and trench games, so however you like to play, we gotcha!

Paintball Budapest

Paintball in Budapest can be a 2-hour or 4-hour activity. Each member of the team will get 200 balls (for 2 hours) or 400 balls (for 4 hours). Should you get a bit trigger-happy, you can purchase more balls at the low, low price of 4p per ball, if your need for winning is that great. Your local guide will meet you at your accommodation to ensure you’re all present and correct and get you on the transport we’ll provide, to and from the Paintballing site.

Ensure you wear comfortable clothing so that you’re not restricted in movement – no skinny jeans, guys, do you really want to castrate yourself?? Once you’re all fought and the winners have been declared, we’ll shout you to a free round of beers while you pick over the battle and banter with your Stags.

Paintball in Budapest is not for the faint-hearted. Think you’re up to it?