Have you ever visited a country and not been able to speak a single word of the native language? Embarrassing isn’t it?! On your Stag Weekend in Hungary, there’s no better way to make friends with the local ladies than learning a few stock phrases. The Hungarians are a welcoming bunch and if you have put in the effort to learn some of their language, they will ensure that you have the best Stag Do this side of Eastern Europe!

Szia! – (Pronounce it ‘See-yaw’) Means ‘Hello’ when used as a single word. If you want to say goodbye to your fellow Hungarians, then just double it up!

Hogy Vagy – (Haw-j Vag-j) Means ‘How are you?’ Don’t forget though, if you’re going to ask an open-ended question like this, then be prepared to wait and listen for what could be a very long response, as they chat about everything from their job, home life and love life in minute detail!

Csokolj Meg! – (Choc-ohly mag!) This means ‘Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight, lead me out on the moonlit floor!’ It actually just means ‘Kiss me’, so be careful who you are saying it to and then see if you can guess which classic 90s song the lyrics are from!

Budapest beer bike

Csinos Vagy – (Chee-nosh Vah-j) Means ‘You’re pretty’. Not too cheesy and definitely not derogatory, what girl hates to hear those words?

Mennyi Az Ido? – (Man-yee aw-z id-err?) Means ‘What time is it?’ Essential if you’re planning on meeting your Stags or even a lady – don’t want to be late boys!

Hol Vagyok? – (Whole vah-j-ork?) Means ‘Where am I?’ Hopefully, throughout your Stag Weekend in Hungary, you won’t get lost or wake up in an unknown apartment somewhere. But just in case you do, this phrase will at least help you to find your way home – or at least get a map thrust into your hands!

Ehes Vagyok! – (Eh-hash Vah-j-ork!) Means ‘I’m hungry!’ Helpful if you can’t remember the names of any of the Hungarian food, it’ll prevent you from having to carry out the classic British mime of pretending to eat, which is never a good look!

Egeszsegedre! – (Ag-esh-sheg-ad-reh!) Means ‘Cheers!’ A simple, but friendly word which will help to break that language barrier. say it as you buy them a drink – they’ll be your best buddy!

Cheers with beer!

Have a practice at these phrases boys! At the very least, the locals will appreciate you attempting to give their language a go, there’ll be smiles all round, especially if your pronunciation is rubbish! Good Luck!

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