Krakow go kartingStag nights are usually the most talked about, but Stag Days are equally as important! We have a plethora of activities to entertain your Stags on the jaunt away, from the minute you land.

At the airport, we can send you a Stripper Hummer to pick you up and take you to your hotel in style. There will be a bottle of bubbly waiting along with a beer to get your Stag party started. A hot, Hungarian stunner will be ready to go as soon as you take your seat, stripping for you and the boys, raising your temperatures, as well as other things (ooh -er) as you set off 😯

Once you’re settled at the hotel, it’s time to get ready for one of the many exciting activities you and your Stags have planned for. If you’re all up for a drive, you could try Go Karting. Competing with each other, you get to race around the track in the powerful Rima Karts, a warm-up, qualifier and final, along with a free round of beers! Alternatively, how do you fancy the comedy value of the Trabant Tour? It’s like a cardboard car, that drives at stupidly slow speeds, the Stag gets a lovely pink ‘Hello Kitty’ one, just because. And a lovely slap-up meal to finish.

If you’d like to get rid of all the stress of planning your wedding, then a good shoot out always does the job. You can choose from Basic, Classic, Advanced, Extreme and Bad Mofo. They vary in amount of rounds and types of guns used, but you’ll be able to have a go with a Glock, a 357 Magnum and an AK47. Don’t worry, there’s a professional instructor on hand and of course, one of our fabulous guides, should you need her!

If you’re Stags with a hankering for the ladies, then we have a wealth of daytime Stag day activities that you will adore. Mud Wrestling is always a fave to watch, so sit back and relax, while 2 seriously stunning girls in the nude, will slip and slide all over each other for a round, then they will wrestle with the Stag for another round, while the rest of you can laugh, poke fun and take photos 😄 If you really want to make the Stag look stupid, then how about hiring a Roly Poly Handcuff Lady for an hour? She’ll be a larger than life girl, who will handcuff herself to the Stag purely for the embarrassment factor, hilarity will ensue!

There’s also Bubbe Football, Paintballing and a Budapest Stag Arrest (more fun at the Stag’s expense!) The list is endless….😄