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Choose Stag Republic for All Your Budapest Stag Do Needs

Trabant Tour in Budapest

Ooh, it’s stag do time…but are you ready?! You might think that organising a stag do is as simple as sorting a regular boys’ night out. Let us assure you that it’s not. Aside from ensuring that you’ve invited everyone, there are the activities, nightlife and accommodation to sort out. The last thing you want […]

Our Suggestions For Daytime Activities To Try On Your Stag Weekend In Budapest

Bubble football

If you Google Budapest, the first things that come up (among the many sightseeing possibilities) are endless parties, ruin bars and a great variety of clubs. What’s good to know is that if you’re coming for a stag weekend to Budapest, you have the opportunity to try many daytime activities (not forgetting about pubs, clubs […]

Looking For Something A Little More Sophisticated?

stag holiday

Be it a stag holiday in Budapest or Krakow, it’s not always just booze and boobs. For those who don’t want to spend most of their time in pubs and strip clubs we’ve put together a few activities that include a little culture and/or sightseeing, thus making sure you have some uncensored proof of how […]

How the Stag Do Has Changed Over the Years

budapest guide tamara party

Gone are the days when the stag night was literally a few hours on a Friday night, the day before the wedding and the highlight of the evening was seeing the stag stripped naked and tied to a lamp post. Things have certainly changed in the last 20 years, the stag night has become the […]

If You Are Planning a Boozy Riga Stag Do, We Can Help With That!

A stag group on the beer bike in Riga

Should you not be having a teetotal stag do, then may we suggest the wonderful city of Riga in Latvia? Alcohol flows in abundance and it’s definitely not the watered down rubbish you get in the bars around Britain. Oh no, the stuff they serve there will literally blow your head off – so beware […]

Does Size Matter? Organise Your Stag Do in Latvia and Find Out!

Stag do weekend

Of course size doesn’t matter, or does it?? If you’re planning your stag do and you still haven’t made up your mind on the location, then allow us to introduce the wonderful country of Latvia. Yes, it’s small, but it more than makes up for its size with its unbelievably hot women, cheap beer and […]

Why Not Book Some Sexy Stag Party Strippers to Entertain You?

Budapest strippers

When is a stag do not a stag do? When there are no strippers involved, of course! You can book as many activities as you can fit into your weekend of drinking and debauchery, then add some strippers for extra special entertainment! Stripper Hummer From the minute you touch down, you can book a stag […]

What Are The Ingredients Needed For an Unforgettable Stag in Budapest?

Budapest pub crawl

To make absolutely sure that your stag party in Budapest is one of the most amazing and unforgettable parties of the century, take heed of our no-nonsense set of rules! There can be no margin for error here boys, the groom must have a fantastic time and there should be nothing that happens that is […]

Stag Weekend Abroad – Guide To Stag Party Etiquette

Krakow stag pub crawl

Even though everyone thinks they know what they should do on a stag weekend abroad, quite often the rules aren’t followed. There’s a certain etiquette which should be carried out when on a stag do and so you don’t end up making fools of yourselves, we’re here to enlighten you! The Best Man Organises the […]

Meet Some Luscious Latvian Ladies on Your Riga Stag Do!

Guided Pub Crawl in Riga

Ever heard of the Latvian or Russian ladies who are shy and retiring? No, us neither. Be prepared if you’re going to Latvia for your Stag Do – these ladies take no prisoners and expect their men to be up for anything, and we mean…anything! In lovely Latvia, the girls outnumber the guys – you’re […]