Dinner in a Budapest Wine Restaurant with StripperWhen it comes to understanding what a Stag wants for his final days of freedom, Stag Republic is the number one company to go to in Budapest. Simply put, we have been organising Stag Parties for over 15 years now and what we don’t know about Stag Nights in Budapest, isn’t worth knowing!

Stag Republic have hosted over 10,000 people each year and 50% of our bookings are from referrals. Why are we so busy? Mainly because we have spent years researching Budapest’s bars, restaurants and hotels, so that you don’t have to. We only take our clients to the best places we have found (and the ones we frequent ourselves!), we love having a good time and want all of our clients to have the best Stag Do imaginable. We have personally inspected hotels and weeded out the ones where we wouldn’t let our dog stay and kept the ones where we’d put up our granny for a week!

We employ local guides, because nobody knows and understands the culture (and language) like a local. They each have their own expertise and knowledge and are matched up carefully with a Stag Party, depending on requirements and personality. From the minute you land, to the time you leave, we ensure that everything you’ve booked takes place, at the right time, with the right people and even the right food!

Stag Republic caters for all types of Stags, we also understand that not every Stag wants a stripper and copious amounts of alcohol, which is why we continue to search for all manner of activities Stags enjoy doing, from adrenalin junkies to sports fans to the more chilled Stag. Our company has something for everyone, this will grow and develop as time goes by and we will pass on these gems to our clients to make their experience one of the best they will ever have.

We use many different companies for their activities and more recently, those companies have started to use us to organise and manage the trips for them, because our expertise is second to none. We are the only ‘Stag Company’ in ¬†Budapest to possess the permits to be an inbound tour operator, this is a requirement by law. Our focus is the clients’ satisfaction, not on saving money. Just be careful when considering other companies where the costs are much cheaper, there will be a reason for this! Don’t take the risk, for peace of mind and a fantastic Stag Party, stick with best!

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