Ever heard of the Latvian or Russian ladies who are shy and retiring? No, us neither. Be prepared if you’re going to Latvia for your Stag Do – these ladies take no prisoners and expect their men to be up for anything, and we mean…anything!

In lovely Latvia, the girls outnumber the guys – you’re so lucky! So if you’re struggling to pull, there will be another just around the corner, so don’t despair. The blonde Latvian ladies tend to be laid back and go with the flow, but enjoy their partying. It’s been said by many a visitor to the city, that they are knocked out by the sheer quantity of gorgeous girls in one city. You won’t be left with the booby prize of the bunch, there are very rarely any boobies (apart from the obvious and yes, they’re lovely too!)

Riga Strippers

If your choice of lady is one who’s feisty, up-front and loves being the centre of attention, then the raunchy Russian girls will suit you down to the ground. There are no guessing games, these ladies know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to show it. However, just a word of warning for the boys who love to press buttons and are your classic wind-up merchants. Don’t. Unless you want to be humiliated by a stunning beauty, in the middle of your Riga Stag Do, just leave it. They don’t take any crap, and if they think you’re taking the proverbial, your street cred will take a massive downturn. You won’t win with these girls and I wouldn’t even want to try!

Both the Russian and Latvian ladies are extremely loyal, so you won’t find one of your mates sneaking off with a girl you’ve just pulled. They’ll stick by you, but expect you to do the same in return. For the love of beer, don’t go pulling one, then in the same place, pulling another. It won’t end well. Unless that’s the kind of excitement you’re up for, in which case, go ahead – just remember, there are eyes everywhere… you’ve been warned.

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In any case, boys, if you find that your chat-up lines are not working and you’re too drunk to even care, you can slip off to one of the local strip clubs to satisfy your desires! Drinks are cheap, food is delish and the Latvian ladies are waiting to show you a fantastic time. I know it’s hard, but just try to enjoy your Stag Do in Riga, please?  For more information click here.