If you’re struggling to find a company who can take care of your big group’s needs, then look no further than Stag Republic. We already have over 10 years experience in organising and catering for large Stag Party groups, we understand how important it is to ensure that your accommodation is booked, activities are sorted so that everyone gets to take part and nobody is left out.It doesn’t have to be for a Stag Do, we can organise large group events for Sports Tours, corporate events, days/nights out or weekends!

We have many group activities on offer that can be perfect for a male group. There’s the standard football, where you can play each other in a Five-a-Side game, or if you’re all feeling competitive, then we can organise a friendly game of Full Pitch Football with some local competition so you can really put you’re skills to the test. You can choose the standard of the other team, so it’s fair and all players get a free beer when it’s all over. Should footie not be your thing, we also offer a game of Rugby with opposition too. The only difference between this and footie, is that you’ll get a Banquet Dinner post-match  with the opposition, so make sure there’s no falling out boys! For both sports, we provide a referee and linesmen, to keep any disagreements to a minimum. We also provide showers, should you wish to party later! ?

If you’re a group who fancy doing something different, we offer Shooting activities, where you can choose from Basic, Classic, Advanced and Extreme. The difference between them is the amount of guns you will be using to shoot and the amount of bullets you will have to hit your marker. You get to shoot a Glock, AK47, Shotgun and an UZI, among others depending on the level you choose. Don’t worry, there will be a qualified instructor there to guide you and after a hard day’s shooting, we’ll give you a free round of beers to quench your thirst! ??

There’s also Bobsledding for the adrenalin junkies among you, a flutter on the horses at the racetracks and Paintballing for those who enjoy simulation.If you’re concerned that you won’t fit all the activities into your stay, then allow us to help! Our fantastic guides will help you organise it all, so that you can have a go at your particular favourites! No matter what your group chooses to do, each and every one of you will be catered for, so you can all look forward to having the most memorable time! ?