Are you still trying to decide whether to stay in good old Blighty, or to go abroad for your Stag Weekend? Well, allow us to help you make up your mind. There are so many pros to going away, you’ll be astounded that you didn’t think of them all earlier.

Sure, you can stay in the UK, it’s closer to home, everyone speaks the same language and you’ll be completely in your comfort zone, but it’s so BORING! You can’t depend on the weather, it’ll cost an arm and a leg to travel and unless you’re happy to stay in a shabby, sub-standard B&B for your accommodation, then you’ll be paying as much as you do for your mortgage, for a couple of nights’ stay! You’ll most likely need to save for a while, just to pay for the weekend’s alcohol and with nobody to look after you all, you could end up in a Police cell or worse, not a good end to a very mediocre Stag Do!


Alternatively, if you choose a Stag Do abroad, the weather’s a bit more dependable and you’ll be going on an aeroplane – woo hoo! Once you land, you’ll have a wonderful local guide waiting, who will ensure you get to your lovely, clean accommodation and get you all organised for your activities for the weekend. At your leisure, you can choose your favourite activities and we’ll organise them into a perfect Stag Weekend for you all. There is a lengthy list of activities; from high-energy Football, Go-Karting and Paintballing, to chilling out at the local Spa and Thermal Baths, drinking your weight in alcohol on the Party Bus / Party Boat, to ogling the stunning Strippers, either at a show, a mud bath or as part of one of your activities. Seriously, you cannot go wrong.

Krakow Stag Oil Wrestling


Apart from anything else, the whole Stag Do abroad will cost you far less than if you stayed in the UK. The alcohol on its own is as cheap as chips – with free rounds of beer thrown in with many of our activities. The cities where we have our Stag Weekends have all been vetted, tested and tried over many years, we know the best places to take you, the places to avoid and you have the added bonus of a luscious local guide, who will look after you all, ensuring no foul play and a fantastic time will be had by all!

Of course, if you want to play it safe, spend too much money, lose half of your Stag Party during the evening, then go ahead. We understand. It takes guts to take yourself out of your comfort zone, but don’t come crying to us when you realise you’ve missed out on a trip of a lifetime!