Stag Party Hungary PhotoWhere else can you find sports, beer, cool markets and ruin pubs in the same place, amongst stunning architecture? In Hip and happy Hungary, of course. This country is full of colourful characters, funky music and gorgeous girls, not to mention the mouth-watering food and over 40 different types of wine!

Boys, if you think you’re going to miss out on your weekly fix of sport, you most definitely won’t. Whether you fancy playing or watching, we have a choice of sports that will bring out your competitive streak….how about Bubble Football or 5-a-side footy? Encased in a huge transparent bubble, you can cause all kinds of mayhem, normally including raucous laughter and giggles, with a free round of beer to finish. If you’re feeling a little more tactile, then a game of Rugby against a local team could fire up your adrenalin, with referees, beer and a Banquet Dinner to follow.

If you guys are more observers, the Hungarian Grand Prix and the Red Bull Air Race are coming up this spring, as well as the National Gallop Budapest for the horsey Stags! Aside from sports, Hungary has so much to offer a party of Stags, you will not be bored, we can promise you that! The Hungarians are vibrant and welcoming, they enjoy socialising in the many cool markets and festivals they hold every year (sometimes every month!) The Ruin Pubs in Budapest are a must to visit, created from old buildings around the area, they have a vintage look, still with their original graffiti, retro guitars hang from the walls and there’s a warm welcome to any Stag Party who enters the doors!

Hungary holds the most fabulous festivals, from small to nationwide where Hungarian folk traditions can be seen and are offered for tourists and locals to try. There are cheese, wine and chocolate festivals, as well as dance, music, arts and crafts.

If your Stag Party is ready to party- then Budapest is the place to be. From glitzy clubs to funky bars, the beer flows and the ladies are stunning. You could hire the party bus to take you around the beautiful city, visit a strip club or a casino. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate. Dress up, dress down, it’s really not important. The Hungarians will take you as you are and ensure your Stag Party is the most memorable experience in this lovely Eastern European country.