Even though everyone thinks they know what they should do on a stag weekend abroad, quite often the rules aren’t followed. There’s a certain etiquette which should be carried out when on a stag do and so you don’t end up making fools of yourselves, we’re here to enlighten you!

The Best Man Organises the Stag Do

It’s the best man’s responsibility to sort out where you’re going, what you’re going to do and most importantly, who’s going. He’ll need to make sure he does whatever the groom wants to do, no big surprises that the stag really doesn’t want! It’s down to him to make sure everyone can afford the stag weekend abroad and to collect the funds to get the weekend paid for. Once the day arrives, he should arrange for everyone to meet up and get them on the plane!

Best Man

The Groom Doesn’t Pay

On his stag weekend abroad, the groom should not have to pay a penny for anything. It’s his big day and he ought to be treated on his last weekend of freedom! The Best Man should make sure that he collects funds from each of the stags months before the party, so that by the time the party starts the groom’s sorted.

The Groom Chooses the Guests

It’s completely down to the groom who’s invited on the stag do. If he only wants friends, then so be it. Members of family will just have to accept that he wants to celebrate with his best buds and keep their celebrations until the wedding day.

No Serious Pranks

It’s fine to pull some daft pranks, but anything that involves being shipped to another country or getting tied up and being left somewhere is unfair on the groom and his bride-to-be. Any prank that can cause harm should be avoided!

Stag Do Gifts and Pranks - Budapest

No Need to Rush!

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol in a short space of time might seem good fun at the time, but more often than not, ends in disaster. Take it easy, have a few drinks and enjoy it! It’s a fantastic weekend, that you’re going to want to remember, don’t mess it up by going overboard and either becoming comatose or throwing up all night!

Drunk stag member

Whatever the Groom Wants…

There wouldn’t be a stag weekend abroad if the groom wasn’t getting married. So what he says, goes. if he wants to stay out until the birds are singing, then you stay out. If he wants to dance in a fountain naked, get in there with him. it’s very simple, really.