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Let us introduce you to the newest sensation in Budapest, Club Heaven!

budapest club

It’s been quite a few years (decades) since the latest club opened its gates to Budapest’s party tourists. This is why we were so happy when we heard about Club Heaven. As always we’d like to give the very best to our customers so let us share a couple of important facts about this brand […]

Come and Get Ruined in Budapest’s Famous Ruin Pubs!

Szimpla Budapest

Beautiful Budapest is one fantastic place to visit, whether you’re on a stag do, a birthday weekend or a business trip, you can’t go far without coming across some of the most unique bars in all of eastern Europe. Ruin pubs are unusual, funky and the best drinkeries to while away a few hours, day […]

Night Time Activities For An Unforgettable Stag Party in Budapest!

Budapest Strip Club

All you need for an amazing stag party is the right people, at the right time and in the right place. So going to Budapest is the first box ticked, make sure you bring your bestest buds along for the ride and take our worldly advice on the best bars and clubs to go to, […]

Get in Character for Your Stag Weekend

stag party friends

Being the best man is probably one of the most important jobs a guy could ever have. It’s your duty to ensure that the stag, his friends and family all have an amazing time on the stag do. This includes selecting a great destination, getting the stags well and truly hammered and providing some gorgeous […]

Budapest Nightlife – Our Guide to Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Activities

Ruin pub Budapest

The extravaganza that is Budapest nightlife is not to be sniffed at. Throughout the sprawling city, you’ll find many bars and clubs that are ripe for partying and they’re not necessarily in the city centre. Whether you’re looking for a gloomy pub or a high-end nightclub, you’ll find it here in the Hungarian capital. Ruin […]

Our Guide to a Great Stag Night in Krakow

Guided Pub Crawl

If you’re thinking that a stag do in Krakow might be a wash out, think again! Gone are the days that Poland was seen as a communist country, these days, the Poles are happy, welcoming and definitely up for a good party! Krakow is an amazing place to host your stag do, with bars aplenty […]

We Will Plan A Stag Night Like No Other in Budapest For You

Nightlife in Hungary

To make your stag do in Budapest go with a bang, you could plan to have some of the more popular activities arranged for you, all in one evening! A decent stag do usually incorporates food, drink and a stripper, so that all preferences are catered for. We’ve put together an ideal evening, but you […]

Let One of Our Lovely Local Guides Show You The Night Life in Budapest

Budapest Stag Do in Club

There’s nothing worse than visiting a new country and not having any idea where the best places are to visit. You end up trawling around a strange city, being beckoned by all and sundry to have a drink in their bar/club, then finding out it’s completely dead or it’s as dodgy as hell. This is […]

Stags ‘Hungary’ for All-Night Action in Budapest!

Man on Stag Do eating Sushi from naked woman's body

All night party Stags required! If you and the boys are already pulling all-nighters, then Budapest will be the place for your Stag Do! Whether it’s clubbing or stripping, or both, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this amazing city. Don’t imagine for a minute that the music is cheesy Europop, international DJs are a […]