Krakow Stag Oil WrestlingThe pull of Poland has to be the cheap beer, the smokin hot, Polish babes and the exciting atmosphere of Krak贸w, one of the countries’ best places for a top notch Stag Do in Poland!

We have the activities that make Stags’ mouths water, how about a Naked Sushi Dinner? The Stags don’t have to get naked, although I guess you could if you REALLY wanted to, the nakedness comes from a sexy Polish stripper, who lies on the dining table, covered in strategically placed pieces of Sushi 馃槢 It’s up to you and your Stags to eat the Sushi, you get 10 pieces each, along with a free glass of wine and a free shot of Sake, can you handle it?

If you’re not so hungry, there’s a fab Casino Tour, where our guide will take you to 2 of the best casinos in town and you’ll all have a free drink to boot! If you need more nakedness, then you & your Stags could go for the VIP Strip Club Entry, where you get free entry, reserved tables as well as a table dance for 4 guys, spend the entire evening here if you wish, our guide will stay with you for 4 hours, should you need our expertise help!

Krakow is a fabulous student town that is gaining more popularity every year. It is jam packed with bars and cellar clubs, where the music’s pumping, people are drinking and thoroughly enjoying this superb city’s atmosphere. To make the most recent of the city’s nightlife, why not book a Guided Nightlife Tour? You get one of our wonderful, knowledgeable guides, who will listen to your requests and take you to the best pubs and clubs that Krak贸w has to offer, in any order you like, they will tell you the best times and places for finding the stunning hotties and the tastiest beer! You will all get VIP Entry to the club of your choice, no queueing – straight to the front for you boys 馃槈 Once inside, you get a free drink and more classic tunes than you can shake a stick at!

If you guys need more nakedness (who doesn’t?) then some Oil Wrestling might well wet your whistles! The Stags get to watch 2 beautiful Polish ladies wrestling in oil, when..oh my gosh! All their clothes fall off! They will wrestle and show their best assets for 3 rounds, but lucky for the Stag, he gets to wrestle in the final round with both of the lovely ladies! 馃憣

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