Budapest pub crawl

You would think that planning your Stag Weekend is easy peasy lemon squeezy – a few bars and strippers, job done. Oh no, it’s far more complicated than you can possibly imagine! Of course, you can get completely wasted, why not? Let me give you a few words of advice, from one Stag to another. Imagine the scene: you’ve woken with the most horrendous hangover, feeling sick, headache, rough as sandpaper. Now imagine for the next few hours, you are going to be bobbing up and down on a party boat with music blaring, people singing and squealing and then for the grand finale, a stunning stripper stands in front of you. She gyrates and jiggles and gets closer, her top comes off and she begins her seduction. The boat’s still going up and down, your head’s spinning, when all of a sudden ‘bleurgh’, you throw up all over yourself and this poor girl’s boobs, the stench of vomit fills the air, along with laughter, lots of laughter. It happened. It was gross. Never lived it down to this day.

However, there are big advantages to my tale of woe. We know the importance of organising your Stag Do and planning your activities so that you’re never in that position. Of course, Budapest is full of cool bars and clubs and we wouldn’t expect you to ignore this fact. What we can do is ensure that your daily activities complement the evening before!

So, to get you and your Stags in top condition for another evening’s drinking shenanigans, there are activities to help you survive: Go Karting, bit of friendly competition, or a Helicopter Ride, flying around taking it easy. Maybe a Day Spa? Bit of pampering does the soul good 😉 A trundle in a Trabant – comedy value guaranteed, plus a fabulous feed will ward off any hangover!

For your Stag nights, Budapest is the place to be. From Ruin Pubs to cool bars and glitzy nightclubs, the world’s your lobster. You can invite a stripper to join you at many of the activities, or visit a strip club, your choice! If you book a Guided Pub Crawl, our fantastic guide will take you to the best pubs and clubs in town. You’ll have VIP entry to any club you fancy with no queuing involved and a round of free drinks, can’t say fairer than that! Our guide will also ensure that you don’t get lost, get in any trouble and she’ll get you back to your hotel safely.

Let us help you to plan your Stag Do, you won’t be sorry!