Cleaning Lady Stripper

One of the most important things to organise for the Stag Party is the prank. The prank which is always carried out on the groom. Poor Bugger. Since the dawn of Stag Parties, the groom has had to endure the most ungracious of pranks pulled by his best mates. The number of stags who have been handcuffed to a lampost, naked, and left there all night is precisely why Stag Dos are no longer held the night before a wedding. This is why the Stag Weekend came into play, so pranks could be pulled and there’s still time (and a guide) to get you out of trouble and back to your party (and wedding)!

At Stag Republic, we are constantly updating our activities and now expanding our range of classic pranks to pull on the groom. One of our latest delights is the Cleaning Lady Stripper. This hot, Hungarian honey will come to your hotel or apartment, dressed as a cleaning lady. The stags are all in on it and you must act as if she is there to clean, don’t give the game away! Once the groom seems relaxed and comfortable, the fun will begin. ?

She’s gorgeous and hot. Far too hot to be scrubbing your floors and dusting your chandeliers, but little does your groom know, she’s a sexy Hungarian stripper who is ready to perform. And perform she does! With bells, whistles, the works, our stunning stripper will give your groom the sexiest moves, dancing and strutting her stuff until the grand finale, completely in the buff, with her clothes in a heap on the floor. Job done.

The look on his face will be priceless, this is your perfect photo opportunity, do not waste it! These pics can be used as bribery/blackmail for years, he’ll never forgive you, but it’s so worth it!

Our Cleaning Lady will show up before you leave for one of the activities, so he’ll be least expecting it. It’s £75 for the prank and the Hungarian honey will gyrate and strip for 3-4 songs, enjoy boys and remember, you can look, but no touchy!?

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