Fake Bride Stripper Prank

Ok, so we all know that the main reason why lads love a good Stag Do, (other than strippers and beer) is so they can pull a crazy prank on their nearly married mate. The wide-eyed look of fear in the bride’s face when ‘Stag Do’ is mentioned is a classic. In years gone by, it has been the tradition to have the Stag Do the night before the wedding (what were you thinking?) and the prank was always the same, tied to a lampost, naked. Brilliant. No thought as to the poor bloke having his balls fall off because he’s got frostbite, or a carrot shoved up his arse and drawn-on eyes. He probably had issues on his wedding night and still does to this day, all because of a silly, unimaginative prank. Those days are over, my friends. No longer will bare arses be seen glinting in the moonlight, pranks have moved on, thank the lord!

At Stag Republic, we love a good prank so we’ve been researching and have come up with a blinder. The Fake Bride Prank. Once the groom is nicely sozzled and is feeling crazy, the Fake Bride will turn up in the bar/ club, in full wedding dress and veil, holding a suitcase and official papers. She’ll be so convincing that he’ll start to doubt himself and become very confused, as she reveals personal details about him (Am I already married? Maybe it did happen? I just don’t know anymore!) She’ll be so loved-up, following the groom everywhere and then out onto the bus.

Once everyone’s assembled, the beautiful bride will perform her strip tease to the groom, gyrating and dancing until he can take it no more! (She’s my wife, what is she doing? Why are my mates ogling my wife?)Our sexy Hungarian stripper will keep going until every piece of clothing is on the floor (or around the groom’s neck!) The poor groom won’t know what’s hit him, probably not until the next morning, but he’ll have time to recover and realise what a fantastic prank it was?

Remember to capture the moment on camera, to keep for embarrassment purposes for years to come?  The Fake Bride will dance for 3-4 songs and act the perfect wife for £85, a small price to pay for the ultimate of pranks!