For your Budapest Stag Do, you can book with other party-organisers or organise your own – of course, you can. Unfortunately, you’d be doing yourselves a disservice. Think of the amount of time and energy you’d be using to find accommodation, nightlife and activities. How could you be completely satisfied with your own research, having never been there and going to a country without having insider knowledge, of all the correct etiquette and cultural norms?

This is where Stag Republic comes in. We have been organising Stag and Hen Parties since the year 2000. The owners; Josey Walker and Paul Kamondy have been researching and finding the best pubs, clubs and restaurants for you boys to enjoy, probably since you were knee-high to a grasshopper (such a weird saying, but we’re sticking to it). They know which hotels are clean and up-to-standard for us Westerners. They know which activities the Stags love, so they update and add to them constantly. They understand men’s wants and needs for such an occasion and they’ve put it all together on one website, so you can choose your own activities (and even stripping preferences). No Stag goes home disappointed!

One of the absolute gems about booking your Budapest Stag Do through Stag Republic, is that we provide your party with one of our amazing local guides. Each guide has their own distinct style (and beauty), but more than that, they already know their own hometown and can pass on vital information to you, so that you never wander into the wrong part of town, or get yourselves into a situation you cannot get yourselves out of. Each guide speaks fluent English, so they can also interpret Hungarian should you need them to.

Budapest pub crawl

The ladies will take you wherever you want to go, the ultimate in bars, clubs and strip clubs in Budapest (don’t worry, they’ve seen it all before!). They will ensure that you get the best experience for your one and only (hopefully) Stag Do. Read some of our reviews; you’ll notice that it’s our guides who ultimately make the weekend for our Stag parties. They all love to have fun, can hold their own in a group of guys and know their town like the back of their hands. There is no downside to having one of our guides with you for your Budapest Stag Do, they won’t cramp your style and will stay out of the way on particular activities, if that is your wish!

Stag weekend abroad

So don’t let any male bravado get in the way of you having an unbelievable time in Budapest. Take away the worry and anxiety after planning your wedding. Book your Budapest Stag Do with Stag Republic, the only thing you’ll lose is your mind, when you realise how amazing your Stag Do is going to be!