We’re sure you’ve all heard of Stag Nights and Stag Weekends, but how about Stag Tours? Generally, Stag Weekends involve lots of drinking, partying and strippers, amongst all of the other craziness that occurs on your final weekend of freedom. At Stag Republic, we pride ourselves on understanding the Stag mentality and also the various types of activities some Stags would love to do. We’ve realised that many Stags would enjoy some sports involvement on their weekend of craziness, so being the amazing Stag organisers we are, we’ve put together Stag Tours…

5-a-side Footy

Bring your shorts and your trainers, we’ll ensure that you get a pitch to play on and a referee to coordinate your game of 5-a-side Footy. Depending on the weather, you could play inside or outside, on Astro Turf or clay and get those little legs moving, releasing the frustration and stress of all of those months of wedding planning! One of our wonderful guides will come along to laugh at you, whoops! Sorry, we mean cheer you on, from the sidelines. Don’t forget to bring your towel or you’ll be drip-drying after the game and you don’t want to be pongy if you’re planning on pulling later!


Try Bubble Football

Prefer a ridiculous ‘sporting’ activity? Then try Bubble Football on your Stag Tour. We say ‘football’ very loosely, there’s a ball, there are goals. We highly doubt that you could call it football, maybe in the loosest sense of the word! There will plenty of shoving, bumping, rolling and banging, not to mention giggling and guffawing, and that’s just the guide! Trussed up in a huge zorb ball, with only legs showing, this is the single most hilarious way to spend an hour. Get your lovely local guide to video the ‘game’, so you can all dissect the match and see which side was the funniest; the goals really aren’t important in this game! 

Bubble Football

Why not a game of Rugby?!

If footy isn’t your thing and you’re more the beefy ‘rugger’ types, then book yourselves a game of Rugby. You won’t be playing each other; we’ll organise a local team to rival your abilities to see what you’re made of. Luckily, you do get to choose the strength of your opposition; weak, average or strong. Make sure you choose wisely, there’s to be no bickering or fighting over tries, the ref’s word is final. You’ll be having a Banquet Dinner with the other team later, so try not to upset anyone #awkward!

Rugby match
Challenge a local team