It’s always a good idea to do a little bit of research before you jet off to any country where you’ve never been before. But we know that it’s a pain and you can overlook the basics in the excitement of booking your stag weekend in Krakow, a full two days of drinking and strippers will do that to a guy. So we’ve put together some necessary information you might like to be aware of….

Bit of History

Poland’s history dates back over a thousand years and Krakow has been seen as one of the leaders in cultural, artistic and scientific areas. The Polish capital has been home to Kings gone by and was used in the second world war as Nazi headquarters for general government, as well as the infamous Krakow Ghetto. It is now extremely popular for tourism (both local and international) where Poles as well as outside tourists, visit in their droves.

Krakow’s Food and Drink

You’ve never tasted vodka like the Polish vodka. There is an array of different types, from the strong, blow-your-head-off variety, to fruity and exotic ones, which will make you smile! A night out vodka-tasting on your stag weekend in Krakow is certainly in order. If voddie’s really not your thing, there’s also plenty of beer available – it’s not widely known that Polish beer could give Dutch, German and Czech beers a run for their money!

Polish vodka tasting


Polish cuisine is delicious and homely. You have to try pierogies, bigos, golonka and sausages, very filling and very tasty! You can also find a variety of restaurants catering for those who love Spanish, Chinese and French food amongst others, so you won’t go hungry.


Trams and buses are the way to go to get around Krakow. In actual fact, anything worth seeing is within a 1200 metre radius of the city centre, so you could, you know, walk! Tickets on the buses or trams cost around 78p and that’s for one journey, you could also get a taxicab, but ask your local guide for reputable firms so you don’t get ripped off.

Taxi in Budapest

The Weather

Not altogether that different from the UK’s weather. Poland tends to begin its springtime in April with warm sunshine, following through into summer from June to August. They do get rain during the summer, but it’s usually quite light. The autumn is beautiful, with oranges, reds and golds dotting the trees and warm temperatures to walk around in. During the winter, Poland gets regular snowfall and is a sight to behold at Christmastime!


The official currency of Poland is zloty, but you can also spend euros if you need to. There are plenty of cash machines around the city centre, so no need to panic if you’ve not changed any money for your stag weekend in Krakow! Also, always tip your waitress between 10-15% of the bill, it just shows that you’re good guys!

Collage of polish money