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The UK or Abroad – Which Should You Choose?

Budapest Stag Nights

Thirty years ago, a stag do would have involved staying local, plenty of beer and a stripper if you were lucky (and tied to a lamppost if you weren’t!). Things have changed somewhat over the last couple of decades and now the possibilities are endless. A stag do is no longer confined to one night. […]

A More Refined Stag Do For Stylish Stags and Cultured Gentlemen in Budapest

stag holiday

By and large, men tend to love a good stag as long as it involves scantily clad ladies and plenty of booze. But if you’re tired of the usual stag routine, Stag Republic can help. There’s no need to worry about the inevitable high jinx that seems to reign over groups of guys going away for […]

How to Please Everyone on the Stag Do – Best Man Duties

Stag Do Party

There is no greater honour for a guy than being the best man at his best buddy’s wedding. This does come with some great responsibilities though and they’re not to be taken lightly! It’s not all about the best man’s speech – (although that has to be absolutely hilarious) you’ll need to be the best […]

Crazy Stag Party Theme Ideas to Make Your Stag do Unforgettable!

Bikinis, morphsuits, santa hats - all in the name of charity. Budapest Santa Run!

One of the best parts of a stag do is to have a theme running to help celebrate the final weekend of freedom. Dressing up and acting daft is of primary importance for team camaraderie and it helps to gain attention from the ladies too! We have some blinding ideas for you to think about, […]

Our Suggestions For Daytime Activities To Try On Your Stag Weekend In Budapest

Bubble football

If you Google Budapest, the first things that come up (among the many sightseeing possibilities) are endless parties, ruin bars and a great variety of clubs. What’s good to know is that if you’re coming for a stag weekend to Budapest, you have the opportunity to try many daytime activities (not forgetting about pubs, clubs […]

Something Different For Your Stag Weekend in Riga

Party Bus in Krakow

Strippers are always at the forefront of most stags’ minds when it comes to stag parties. We’ve put together a few ideas where they can be included in your activities, without having to visit a strip club once. That’s not to say you can’t go to a strip club, it’ll just be a little flirtation […]

How to Avoid The Honey Trap

Budapest Girls

You’re going to Budapest for your stag do? Well, you’re certainly in for a treat let me tell ya! There are more stunning ladies in the capital than anywhere else in the world, the girls will blow your mind, never mind anything else! However, this is a tale of caution – we’re going to give […]

If B is for Beer and D is for Dinner, then K is for Kaltenberg!

Dinner in Budapest

One thing’s sure: you can’t go partying without filling your empty stomach. I mean, you can, but then be prepared for a very short night. And let’s face it: you don’t want to pass out before midnight on your stag do in Budapest. Good news! We have a place in the city centre, where you […]

Our Guide to Being the Best, Best Man!

Destination Map

Being the best man is an extremely important role to play in your best buddy’s celebrations. It’s up to you to make the stag do an unforgettable one, for all of the right reasons! Your job is to sort the best destination for the right price, where there are great activities, gorgeous girls and top […]

A Stag Weekend for the More Sophisticated Gentlemen

Red and white wine glasses

You don’t have to get absolutely slaughtered just because it’s a stag do. There are many other ways of celebrating the stag’s end of singledom without getting so drunk you can’t remember anything or spending the evening ogling naked strippers. A more sophisticated stag do is on the rise, which can include the odd bevvy […]