With so many alternatives for a Stag Do, it’s easy to get confused and go with what you think is the simpler solution and just stay at home in the good old UK, but is it the best option? Many Stag organisers have popped up over the last 10 years and their Stag weekends are a fantastic way to celebrate upcoming nuptials – but is a stag abroad for you? We’ve put together the pros and cons of stag parties, both at home (UK) and abroad.

Pros For Stag UK

  • No language barrier when dealing with problems
  • No need to jump on a plane, all cities are within driving distance
  • Accommodation standards are generally good, especially if you choose a chain hotel
  • Familiarity of food and drink, you know what you’re going to get
  • If the stag party is close to the wedding date, you don’t need to concern yourself with missed or delayed flights – just jump in the car and off you go!

Cons For Stag UK

  • The expense of accommodation, food and drink, entry to clubs, especially in a big city
  • Weather is not guaranteed for outdoor activities and can put a dampener on what should be lots of fun!
  • More likely to bump into people you know when dressed as a willy!
  • Stricter rules in strip/lap dancing clubs
  • No official guide to look after the party and keep you safe

Pros For Stag Abroad

  • Better weather for all of those adrenaline-fuelled activities (nothing worse than paint-balling in the rain!)
  • Cheap food and drink – you’ll save enough money on alcohol costs to offset plane ticket costs
  • Nobody knows you – you can act like an idiot, without fear of it getting back to your work colleagues!
  • New and interesting food to try, although you can still get the usual, familiar food if you’re so inclined
  • Strip and Lap Dancing clubs in Eastern Europe have more relaxed rules which allow for touching – but always check first!
  • Wider variety of activities which may be more daring and not allowed in the UK (Tank driving, Carsmash, Dominatrix)

Cons For Stag Abroad

  • Language barrier – can cause some issues, but with Stag Republic, a guide is provided for support and translation
  • Lack of attendance – some members of your party may not be able to get time off work or afford the plane tickets
  • Lack of familiarity with food, money and area. Taking some people out of their comfort zones might have an adverse effect on their (and your) enjoyment of the stag party abroad

Stag Abroad Budapest

Your Stag Do should be a huge celebratory party of your last weekend of freedom, choose what’s right for you. A stag abroad would be a memorable one, with plenty of experiences to be talked and laughed about for years – what are you waiting for?!

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