Traditionally, the stag weekend has been exactly that – a weekend full of stags, the guys, the lads. However, more and more these days it seems that ladies are joining in on the celebrations with the fellas! Do you think you would like some of the fairer sex to join you all as you party, watch strippers and do all of the things that men do on their last weekend of freedom?

The End of a Tradition

Is the stag do coming to an end? Has the gloss been taken off this hedonistic party, where secrecy from the opposite sex has always been paramount? This subject seems to have more questions than it does answers, but it’s becoming more and more popular. There are now Stag and Hen parties, where they are celebrated together, but isn’t that what the wedding is for?


If you have already decided that you will be inviting some ladies to your stag weekend abroad, there are a few things that you might want to bear in mind. Having a girl at your stag do will definitely change the dynamics of the situation. If you and the boys are looking forward to seeing some strippers, then obviously you’ll need to check with her to see if she’s happy to tag along or would rather go and do her own thing. If there’s more than one girl, then that’s not too much of an issue, but if she’s on her own, that could be tricky because you’ve invited her!

Sleeping Arrangements

On a stag weekend abroad, the boys are usually happy to share rooms or beds with any of the lads. So what happens to the girl(s)? Do they get their own room? Or if that’s not possible due to costs, who will share with who? There’s probably going to be copious amounts of alcohol drunk on the weekend and if some of the guys take a liking to the girls, then you might end up with a situation where couples are then getting together, swapping beds and maybe even changing the arrangements of the weekend!

Bedroom in 4 star hotel

Breaking the Stag Do Code

Whenever the boys have gone off on a stag do, there has always been very little information coming back about what they got up to. The stag do ‘code’ – ‘what happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do’ has traditionally been sacred – never broken by the boys attending. However, where does that leave everyone when a girl joins in? What if she goes home and decides to inform all and sundry about the shenanigans you all got up to? It could tarnish reputations and wreck relationships!

Stag weekend abroad

Maybe a compromise could be reached with the ladies who attend? They could join in on the daytime activities, but not for the night time? At least then the boys can have their playtime and the girls still get to have some fun on the stag weekend abroad!