Planning your stag weekend abroad? Then please allow us to help you out by giving you some invaluable advice, avoiding any unnecessary pitfalls, so your stag do goes smoothly and with a bang! Many stag groups think they have it all covered, only to be charged extras or missing out on good deals because they didn’t read the small print. Our guide will help your stag weekend abroad run like clockwork and be the best it could possibly be!

Plan Your Weekend in Advance

Don’t leave it until the last minute. It takes time to plan and organise a group of people to go away for a stag weekend abroad. The guys need to make sure that they have that particular weekend free, don’t forget that wives and girlfriends plan stuff in advance too and if they have to choose between your weekend and doing what their other half wants, guess who’s going to win?!

Obviously, people will need to work out their finances and probably need to save up the money for the weekend. Not everyone will want to stick the cost on a credit card and everyone has different budgets, so bare this in mind and give the boys a few months to sort out the money.

To ensure that you get the stag weekend that you want, it’s best to book it in advance so that you don’t get disappointed. These weekends get booked up quickly, so have a chat with all your stags to find out what kind of activities the guys want to do, type of nightlife you all fancy and book accordingly and in plenty of time!

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Book As a Group

It’s always a good idea to appoint someone (usually the best man) to arrange and collect the monies for the stag weekend abroad. That way, there’s no confusion, everything is going into the same pot and the break gets booked for the whole group. Quite often, by booking as a group, you’ll get a discount or a free place for the groom – quids in!

Don’t Pay for Hold Luggage

There’s absolutely no need to take a suitcase for your stag weekend abroad. A few items of clothing and toiletries are all you are going to need for two days and nights. It will all fit into a holdall, which will be perfect for your cabin luggage allowance – don’t spend extra money unnecessarily, save it for the beer!

As long as the best man arranges everything in advance, there will be no need to worry and you can look forward to an amazing stag weekend abroad with your buddies, drinking, partying and shmoozing with the laydeez!

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