Riga is the most vibrant city in the Baltics and certainly a place where locals and tourists alike know to have fun. Forget post dinner boozing and a taxi home at 2am. Here you’ll start late and end even later as you spend the night surrounded by cheap booze and beautiful women.

If you’ve decided to have your stag party in Riga this is what you can expect to get up to.

See the city… with beer!

Budapest Beer BikeNow, you’re on holiday in a foreign city, which means it’s important you do a few touristy things like see the city. Sightseeing can be quite boring though so we suggest you hop on our beer bike and see the city in style.

A lovely local guide will be on hand to handle steering and the all important history lesson. You’ll in turn get to peddle and drink your way through the 20 litres of beer we provide for you. Oh and don’t worry, it’s ice cold of course.

You’ll definitely turn a few heads and you hit the city streets so don’t be afraid to pose for some photos and maybe even try and convince a few of the local ladies to join you ;-)

Getting a bit steamy

Sauna Party in RigaIt might seem odd but Latvians really like their saunas and they love a good party in there as well.

We can provide you all the fun of a traditional Latvian sauna party without that bit where you get whacked on the back with dried birch branches. Instead you’ll be treated to 2 free beers and2 hours use of a jacuzzi and sauna. Oh and you can add as many stripper as you like to make it that bit more fun ;-)

A night out on the town

Riga pub crawlAssuming you’re not ready for bed after an afternoon of extreme relaxation then it’s time to dive deep into Riga’s legendary nightlife. Now, this city has become quite popular with tourists over the years and as a result there are more than a few crappy tourist bars that have sprung up with the sole aim of ripping people off of their money.

Lucky our guides can organise a private guided pub crawl to make sure you see only the good places – the places with fit birds and a friendly atmosphere.

Your guide will consult with you before setting out find out what places you might like and she’ll arrange the first round of drinks of you free of charge. What’s more, after a night of entertainment she’ll drop you off at one of the hottest nightclubs in town… at the front of the line of course!