In the last few years, it has become more and more popular to have your Stag weekend abroad, not least because is far less expensive than in the UK. Eastern Europe has become more favourable due to the cheap cost of accommodation, drink and nightlife. If you’re still wavering about where to go, we’ve done an overview of the most popular places where you will have a ball!


Poland has an unbelievably beautiful landscape, not far out of the many bustling cities, you can find some of Eastern Europe’s hidden treasures, where you can hike or bike for days without seeing another soul.

The cities are another thing entirely. The Poles are a resilient people, after the war, they worked to restore their cities to their original splendour. Krakow is full of history, with its cobbled streets, medieval churches and merchant houses.

Nightlife in Krakow is certainly one to experience. You can find bars and clubs that are open throughout the night and early hours and you will be welcome in them all. It has been said that Krakow houses more pubs, bars and clubs in its centre than any other city in Europe!

Krakow stag guides on grass field with city name sign


If you love architecture and magical buildings straight out of a fairytale, then Hungary is for you. Imposing and highly decorated buildings adorn the streets throughout Hungary, certainly a place to make dreams come true!

Many Hungarian festivals are held especially in the summer months as the Hungarians love to party outside whenever they can! Some are traditional, where you’ll be encouraged to join in; others are chock full of modern entertainment, with live music, dancing and delicious Hungarian food.

Nightlife is on the money for a Stag weekend abroad. Drinks are very cheap in comparison to anywhere in Western Europe, the clubs are full of crazy party-goers dancing to the pumping tunes of world-class DJs, flown in to play here for the amazing atmosphere.

Nightlife in Hungary



Although not as vibrant as Hungary, Latvia has its own unique beauty in the form of historic buildings and gorgeous squares dotted around the cities. In the beer gardens and street cafes, you can people-watch to your heart’s content, sipping delicious coffee and sampling the local delicacies. The bustling cobbled streets are full of tourists and locals in the summer; if you visit in the winter, a spectacular Christmas scene will greet you, making you feel all fuzzy inside!


For a Stag weekend abroad, you will not be disappointed. The Latvians have created a real party atmosphere, using old schools, factories and warehouses to house bars and clubs that bounce to the beat every night! The girls are beautiful, welcoming and bewitching, so beware!

Riga Eating and Drinking