Your Krakow stag weekend is about to begin, boys. Aside from the gorgeous strippers, cheap booze and fantastic nightlife, you have yet to sample the delights of Polish cuisine. The Poles enjoy meat as much as we do and their dishes are hearty and filling; washed down with copious amounts of the local brew, you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven!

Polish Food

Not the most colourful food in the world, but goddam, it’s delicious! For the sausage-fanciers among you, there is Kielbasa. A wonderful array of different types of sausages to delight the palate: Krakowska- a sausage flavoured with garlic and pepper, Kaszanka- filled with goats’ and pigs’ blood and Kabanosy – a thin sausage flavoured with caraway seeds.

If you’d prefer a hearty stew,look no further than Bigos. Anything goes in this type of stew, leftovers, various meats, garlic, onions, seasoned with bay leaves, caraway and peppercorns. Left to ‘stew’, the flavours are out of this world!

Brewery Dinner

Choose the Brewery Dinner as part of your stag weekend in Krakow and you’ll get to taste the ultimate in Polish fare. Apart from being able to actually sit and eat a wonderful meal in a genuine brewery, you’ll get to drink a litre of their own beer, brewed on the premises!

That’s not all. One of the best and most palatable Polish dishes you will ever have the fortune of putting into your mouth, is the classic Golonka. Marinated thoroughly in beer, a mahoosive hamhock is then left to cook slowly on a spit roast (wayhay!) So tender and juicy, it falls off the bone and into your mouth, the beer marinade slithering down your chin like an amateur wine taster. It’s served with Polish pickles, mustard, horseradish and bread, so you can soak up the juices and waste not a drop!

Stags on Brewery dinner in Krakow

After Dinner Entertainment

Maybe you’d like to invite a guest or two for some after-dinner entertainment? Make sure you’ve wiped your mouths clean as they’ll be wide open when a delicious, sexy stripper visits and shows you a thing or two about good quality Polish hospitality. She’ll strut her stuff, giving special attention to the Stag – hope his hamhock’s gone down nicely, don’t want it popping up at an awkward moment…

Krakow stripper dinner

Whatever you do on your Krakow stag weekend, you must try Golonka. It’s heaven on a bone. Seriously.