If you’re going to do it, do it right- choose the accommodation best for you and your Stags and look at what’s included!

At the top of the range 4*Deluxe Hotel, you won’t be pining for anything, because it’s all here – free Wifi, bar and restaurant on the premises and even a Spa, with a jacuzzi and sauna, all in! That’s just the start, all of the Stags get a Personal Guided Pub Crawl, around bustling Budapest for 5-6 hours, our guide will take you to the best bars, pubs and clubs in the city. You’ll have free entry to a nightclub, free entry to a strip club and there will be a free table dance for the Stag, not to mention the free round of beers!

Of course, if you would like to involve a prank on the Stag, how about our infamous Budapest Stag Arrest? Two plainclothes police officers will arrest your Stag for being drunk/ disorderly and will take him away, blindfolded. The rest of the group will go to a nearby strip club, where the Stag will be taken to and sat on the stage, still blindfolded. (Club is kept as quiet as possible), the blindfold comes off, for the Stag to see a stripper doing her routine in front of him, while you all take photos and laugh hysterically.

Stag Arrest in Budapest

Included in all of the other accommodation; the apartments, hotels and hostels is a Guided Pub Crawl as well as free rounds of beer and free entry to a club. We have so many fantastic activities to add to your Budapest Stag Weekend, you won’t know where to begin! How about a Helicopter Ride? It’s for 2 people, you get an expert helicopter instructor, in an Alouette helicopter, complete with jet engine. The Stag gets to take the controls for a small amount of time, a lovely flight out across Budapest and beers on landing, fabulous!

Guided Pub Crawl

How about some Bad Mofo Shooting? You get 124 rounds with a selection of firearms, a target sheet, so you and the Stags can compare your aim and of course, your free round of beers, You could also try paintballing in the wilds of Hungary, or maybe a Casino Crawl, if the Stags prefer Roulette, Black Jack or Poker, the fun never ends!

Casino Crawl Stag do