All night party Stags required! If you and the boys are already pulling all-nighters, then Budapest will be the place for your Stag Do! Whether it’s clubbing or stripping, or both, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this amazing city. Don’t imagine for a minute that the music is cheesy Europop, international DJs are a regular sight in the many nightclubs around Budapest.

There’s a huge diversity in the type of drinking dens for the Stags to leisurely unwind in. Go for a couple in the inner-city beer gardens, also known as the Ruin Pubs, with old retro furniture to lounge around in, you’ll be starting the evening in style! If you prefer twilight to sunshine, then try a cellar bar, all manner of humans go here to drink and get merry, including some of the hottest Hungarian honeys, up to it boys?

Ruin bar Budapest

The buzzing nightlife doesn’t generally get going until after midnight and continues late into the following morning. If you’re at a loss as to where to start and where to find the most happening clubs, please don’t panic! Our Guided Nightlife Tour is included in many of our packages and is completely free! We will send one of our wonderful, party-planning extraordinaires in the form of a guide, to show you all the best places to drink, dine and dance. You’ll get free entry and a free drink in any club you choose and won’t get into any trouble, as our guides will steer you in the right direction!

If you lads are gagging for some lady stripping action, you won’t be disappointed in the selection of strip clubs strewn throughout the Hungarian capital. You could even hire a Private Strip Club, just for your Stag Party. At 4Play Lounge, you can book a wide variety of strip shows to suit your taste. As standard, you get 5 gorgeous, sexy girls who will pole dance for you, a shower show and the Stag can be dragged on stage for the ritual humiliation…you can also add Mud Wrestling to the mix! Two hot ladies in bikinis will writhe around in front of you, covered in mud, until their bikinis come off. The Stag also gets dragged into the mud so make sure cameras are at the ready!

After the mud wrestling match the stag poses with strippers

Just for fun, you could book a Roly-Poly Stripper who is larger than life and so much fun, especially for the poor, unsuspecting Stag. If you fancy a bite to eat, then a Naked Body Buffet can be arranged! A super-hot stripper will be strategically covered in pieces of Sushi, all ready for you to dine on, sexy and filling, what’s not to like?!

Man on Stag Do eating Sushi from naked woman's body