Are you ready to see some strippers? Are you so excited, that you can’t sleep?  Why leave it to chance? You could end up in the dodgiest of strip clubs, with some very questionable girls, who you might not find that attractive. Leave the organisation of the strip club to us. We won’t let you down. We understand what your needs are and we know the best strip clubs, with the sexiest girls and we can sort out some VIP rooms for you too!

The best Strip Club in Budapest is 4Play Lounge. We can get you free entry to the club, on the arm of one of our fantastic local guides, guaranteeing you a fantastic night, with some seriously sexy ladies. Fancy some VIP treatment? Then allow us to book the VIP room for you, along with a round of beers, a bottle of bubbly and a bottle of spirits and mixers to keep you from getting dehydrated, can’t have you getting thirsty in the middle of a super-hot dance with a Hungarian hottie! As part of the VIP treatment, you’ll get to see 3 strippers giving you 3 dances, for at least 20 minutes each. By the time they’ve finished, you’ll be happy as pigs in poop!

Budapest Sstrip Club

You and your Stags can even book a table reservation in a private booth, at the best Strip Club in Budapest, should you wish. If you’re not good at sharing with others, and you’d like a stripper all to yourselves, this will be perfect for your group. You’ll get to pick the girls who will perform for you and only for you and your group. This is fantastic if the Stag has a particular type, and the rest of you like something altogether different (big boobs, small boobs, big ass, long legs etc!) Three girls to choose, for 3 separate dances. You’ll also get a 10% discount on your drinks for the entirety of your visit and a 70cl bottle of your favourite spirit with mixers, absolutely free!

Some Budapest Strip Clubs are not the safest of places. Be aware of girls in pairs strolling around the streets, trying to persuade you to go to a certain club for a drink and a dance. You can end up in a nightmarish situation, paying well over the odds for a bottle of bubbly and a dance, then being marched to the nearest cashpoint by 2 scary-looking bouncers, if you decide you don’t want to pay up. Worse can happen, but we won’t go there. Just make sure you book with Stag Republic and take one of our wonderful local guides with you, for an amazing, fantasy-induced evening, full of fun, nakedness and drink. What more do you need?

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