It’s your stag party, what’s the one thing that would make your weekend the best it could possibly be? A few drinks? Strippers? How about an entire strip club all to yourselves? And not just any strip club, only the best strip club that Budapest has to offer! Yes boys, your dreams have come true, get drunk and watch some gorgeous girls show off their pole dancing skills, just for you and only you!

4Play Lounge

Out of all of the Budapest strip clubs, 4Play Lounge is the best around. The girls are absolutely stunning, with bodies to die for and they’re friendly to boot. The staff at the club are professional and helpful, even the security guys are welcoming and respectful. Prices for drinks and dances are easy to understand, leaving no room for misunderstandings or confusion. All in all, you couldn’t hope for a better place to watch a strip show and there are plenty to behold!

4Play Lounge strip club

Private Strip Club Hire

You and the boys can hire the club for two hours, no one else will be there, exclusively for your stag party. A free round of beers will be waiting for your arrival and after that you’ll get 25% discount on all of your drinks. Five stunning strippers will be available to pole dance for your entertainment and if you’d like a table dance, it can be yours for £30! Any other dances can be arranged, simply ask one of the hostesses!

Shower Show

One of the sexiest shows to watch is the Shower Show. One of our gorgeous girls will soap herself up and then wash away the bubbles under a shower of water on stage – or maybe the Lesbian Shower Show would be more up your street…

Stag on Stage

A brilliant show to see at the best Budapest strip club is the Stag on Stage. He’ll be whisked on to the stage by one of our sexy dancers and given a performance he’ll never forget. They’ll tease him until he can’t take any more, he’ll have the time of his life!

Private Lap Dance

If you’d like a little privacy to enjoy a lap dance, then you can book your own Private Lap Dance at this wonderful Budapest strip club. Have a drink, take a seat and enjoy the spectacle. Oh and don’t forget, you don’t need to sit on your hands at 4Play Lounge, the girls are happy for you to touch, they’ll let you know if you go too far!

Make all your stag wishes come true at the best of Budapest strip clubs, when will this opportunity ever happen again??