What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the words ‘Stag Party’ are mentioned? Strippers, of course! Nakedness and humiliation of the Stag is fairly standard too. You will be amazed at the sheer amount of different types of strippers you can have at your Budapest Stag Do. Your head’s gonna spin!

From the second you touch down at the airport, you can have a stripper waiting aboard your choice of travel – Hummer, Limo, Party Bus..and with pretty much every activity you’ve booked, if that is your wish! On the Stag Dinner, you could hire a Topless Waitress or two or three if you fancy. They don’t waitress very much, but they look great! If you’d like a more unusual dinner, how about a Naked Body Buffet? You can choose between Naked Body Sushi or Naked Body Dessert. With the Sushi, you get a fully naked lady covered in Sushi, where you can eat until all of her bits and pieces are on show! There are 6-8 pieces of Sushi per person, along with chopsticks, wasabi, ginger and soy sauce. Fancying the Dessert option? This lady will be covered in fruit, chocolate and whipped cream. Ooh, soo goood!!

Man on Stag Do eating Sushi from naked woman's body

Why not opt for a Lesbian Show? If it’s a fetish of the Stag, then he’ll love it. Two sexy strippers will show you how it’s done over the course of 3-4 songs. You can look, but don’t touch boys, we know you want to! If you’d prefer the Stag to be ritually humiliated, then go for the Budapest Dominatrix. She will be merciless, making him do things he’d never dream of doing (or does he?!) and the photos will last a lifetime! This works brilliantly if you’ve had a regular stripper, then blindfold the Stag and bring the Dominatrix on for the finale, imagine his face!


If you really want to surprise the Stag with a classic prank, we can organise a hitch-hiker stripper to be picked up on the way to your hotel. Watch his face as she begins to take off her clothes, while you’re all sat having a beer on the road! Or, if he’s a naughty boy, book a Police Officer Stripper to come and arrest him while you’re having a Stag Dinner. She’ll do a strip tease once he’s suitably unnerved, he’ll be too freaked out to enjoy! A Roly-Poly Stripper is always a winner, whether he likes larger ladies or not, the photo opportunities will be amazing!

Whatever your pleasure, if you have an idea for a prank, just let us know. We’ll do our best to organise it for you, to create the best Budapest Stag Do in history!

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