Off to Latvia for your Stag Weekend? Thinking about visiting Riga Strip Clubs while you’re there? Listen up, Stags! There are many above-board, delightful Strip Clubs in Riga, full of gorgeously hot women, ready and willing to entertain you. However, not all Riga Strip Clubs are the most authentic, trustworthy places to visit on a Stag Do.

When booking a Stag Weekend with Stag Republic, you are guaranteed to be chaperoned by one of our fabulous guides, who will take you to the best bars and clubs Riga has to offer, including strip clubs. We recommend you take up the offer of a guide when visiting Riga Strip Clubs, simply because there are some very dodgy places, which you would probably prefer to avoid if you want to keep your bodily parts intact and your cash in your bank account!

If you insist on going it alone, without the support of one of our guides, then please take heed to our warning…Don’t get taken in by ladies who ask you to have a drink with them in a strip club, it’s generally a scam to get you into the club. They order expensive drinks, then leave you to pay the extraordinarily high bill. Should you refuse to pay, the extremely large bouncers will ensure that you do pay, either by card or by escorting you to the cash machine and emptying your bank account. If you still refuse, you may just end up in hospital. So, just avoid anyone who seems to be desperately trying to get you into a club, or behaving in a pushy manner.

The easy way to avoid all of this, of course, is to take our guide with you, so that you can enjoy Riga Strip Clubs to your heart’s content, without the worry and stress. There are some amazing clubs, where you can watch Oil Wrestling, have a jacuzzi and a sauna and have a VIP Private Dance with some of the most gorgeous, sexy ladies of Latvia. Candy Shop, Hustler Club Riga and Royal Gentlemen’s Club are a few of the best Strip Clubs in Riga. The girls are fantastic and friendly, the prices transparent and you get to keep your legs! You can have a magical time, surrounded by hot Latvian ladies, as long as you follow our rules…

Riga Strippers

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