Lovely Latvia is the place to be if you’re looking for some extra special activities with strippers! On a Stag Weekend in Latvia, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which type of naked entertainment you’d prefer. Allow us to present to you the Sauna Party with a difference!

Bath Rituals in Latvia

The benefits of a sauna have long been known to the Latvians. By immersing yourself in a hot sauna, followed by an ice-cold pool, the health benefits can be amazing. This process exercises the body’s blood vessels, strengthens the body and improves elasticity of the skin. If you think you can take 86 degrees of heat boys, find yourself a Bathhouse in Latvia and they will gladly deliver the experience of a lifetime.

If you like the idea of being swatted (yes you read it right) with tree branches, then this experience will be made all the more memorable. Traditionally, the Latvians use ‘switches’ which are branches made from trees such as Birch, Oak, Linden and Juniper. Swatting with switches is very popular and used as part of a massage with aromatherapy, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity boys, prepare to be swatted like a fly on your Stag Weekend in Latvia!

Sauna Party

Ok, this isn’t as extreme as the Latvian bath rituals, but you’ll definitely be in for a treat! A more modern sauna is provided, along with a jacuzzi for plenty of wet, soapy fun! You’ll get your own private sauna just for you and the lads, where you can turn up the heat by inviting some sexy strippers to join you! Is there nothing more pleasurable than 2 hours relaxing in the warmth, drinking beer and watching some gorgeous girls take off all of their clothes? If you feel you’re missing out on being swatted and massaged, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Riga Sauna Party

A massage is an excellent way of getting rid of a hangover. So if you’re feeling worse for wear and need to perk up for your night out, we can book you a professional massage to eliminate those toxins – your skin will look amazing too, the ladies won’t be able to keep their hands off you!

Your Stag Weekend in Latvia could be an unforgettable experience – no need to thank us, it’s all part of the job!