Krakow naked sushi
Stag Activity – Krakow Naked Sushi Dinner

There are so many Kraków Stag activities, where to begin? If you enjoy a fish supper, combined with nakedness, then a Naked Sushi Dinner could be right up your street! The stags get a free glass of wine, a free shot of Sake and 10 pieces of Sushi each. Not all is quite as it seems, however – the Sushi is strategically placed all over a sexy stripper, who is naked by the way…a meal with a difference!

If you’re the kind of stags who love to get your pulses racing, then the Dunajec Rafting will hit the spot. You will navigate the white water rapids for 2 hours, being tossed and thrown around the raft, at the mercy of the Dunajec River Gorge. If you manage to survive this epic adventure, you can stay the night and make camp, have your own cowboy- style evening, singing songs around the fire and even roasting wild boar – a proper Wild West adventure!

Even if you have your Stag Do in Kraków, you can still take part in your usual pastimes. For those stags who just can’t do without footie for a weekend, we can arrange a Local Footie Match for you. Very simple, your stags against a local Polish team, a friendly game, a bit of a laugh, followed by a free round of beer, how can you not love it? If the lads are wanting some super, sexy, stag time, then Oil Wrestling could be the activity to get your juices flowing! Aside from the 2 rounds of free beer, you’ll be watching 2 Polish stunners, covered in oil, wrestling until their bikinis fall off and they’ll be slipping and sliding all over each other until the winner is declared. The best bit is that the Stag then gets to join in with the ladies for the last round, eek!

Instead of going clay pigeon shooting, how about some Extreme Shooting? You will be using not one, not two, not three types of guns, but five! Yes, five different types of shooters for you to work out your stresses of the daily grind. Imagine shooting your nemesis with a Polish Uzi or a Kalashnikov, full-on military-style guns. If you prefer, you can have a go with a Glock, a CZ75B pistol and a shotgun, the choice is yours! You can compete with the other stags, compare your target sheets while supping on your free round of beers, heaven!