Even though stag nights are traditionally known for drinking, clubbing and stripping, you don’t have to follow the crowd. There are many other activities you can try to have the best stag do for you and the boys. If you’re after that adrenalin rush or you just want to have fun but with a little more class than beer swilling, read on and get your party booked – your way.

Absolute Adrenalin

If you want to experience an adrenalin rush, then Snowmobiling could be the perfect way to get it. Gliding along the snow, admiring the views of the Tatra mountains, you’ll certainly be pumped at the speed and exhilaration of these mean machines! Alternatively, (or as well as…) you could go Dunajec white water rafting if you’re really up for a thrill. Crashing through the rapids, there is nothing more exciting than the speed of this ride of a lifetime. If you’d like, we can organise camp for the night, roasted boar and singing round the campfire, if you fancy the full wild experience!

Krakow snowmobiles

Something Different

Do any of you know what a Penny Farthing is? Well, it’s a very unusual type of bike used back in the day. It has a huge wheel at the front and a tiny one at the back, it used to be a form of transport, although we have absolutely no idea how anyone could have thought it was a good idea! Anyway, this a brilliant activity for a stag do, photo opportunities abound as your mates watch you struggle to balance and actually get it to move…but hey, isn’t laughing at your mates all part of the stag do fun?!

Feed Your Faces

You’ll need to line your stomachs before your night on the tiles, boys! Even if you’re not planning on getting absolutely hammered, the food in Poland is gorgeous, so don’t miss out on a stag dinner. The Brewery Dinner is held in a brewery (no, really?) and you get a litre of the good stuff to go along with a giant, roasted hamhock – delicious!

If you’d like a little nakedness to go along with your meal, how about the Steak and Strip Dinner? Two courses of the finest cuisine and a glass of beer or wine to wash it down, followed by a stunning stripper for dessert. An ideal way to let your food go down while admiring the view!


There’s no reason why you can’t have the stag do of your dreams, read through our wonderful activities and tailor yours to your needs, we’re only too pleased to help should you need us!