When we talk about Beautiful Budapest, it is not only the city’s architecture we’re referring to, but the stunning ladies who seem to saturate the city! There are activities abound for your Stags to enjoy, check these out…

Have you ever heard of a Trabant? It’s a very funky type of car, that every Budapest Stag Do should include! Made of lightweight Duroplast, “an icon of Eastern European engineering”. Two to a car, take a scenic drive through gorgeous scenery before settling down at a superb Hungarian restaurant for a delicious slap-up meal. Make it special by dressing up in your favourite Superhero outfit, or anything else you wish. Ooh, nearly forgot, the Stag gets his own pink ‘Hello Kitty’ car, so you’ll have to fight it out between you who else will join him.

Trabant tour in Budapest

If you and your Stags are the competitive types, then why not book to do some Go Karting? The Karts can speed up to 40 mph, the track is extensive and can be tricky to navigate, so you’d better be a good driver! You get to do a warm-up session, followed by a qualifying circuit and a grand final to see who’s the fastest of the Stags. He who is fastest will be on the podium, receiving their very own trophy A free round of beers is included to finish off this adrenalin-fuelled activity!

Krakow go karting

No Budapest Stag Do is complete without the traditional strip joint. How about hiring a Private Strip Club and have the entire place to yourselves, no sharing? At 4Play Lounge (best in Budapest), you can have 5 Pole Dancing strippers to watch – but no touching! We’ll give you a round of beers for free, but you can drink as much as you want for the time you’ve booked for. You could also add a Topless Waitress for an hour, or even a Roly-Poly Stripper as a surprise for the Stag, a larger than life lady who could make the Stag surrender within the 15-minute show.

How about trying the Budapest Party Bus? It isn’t a bus, it’s a Limo – decked out with up to the minute essentials for Stags on the move. There is a flat-screen TV, a fantastic sound system and you get 2 strippers to boot. The Limo can pick the Stags up from the airport and transfer to the hotel, a brilliant start to your crazy weekend!

Stripper party bus in Riga