Thirty years ago, a stag do would have involved staying local, plenty of beer and a stripper if you were lucky (and tied to a lamppost if you weren’t!). Things have changed somewhat over the last couple of decades and now the possibilities are endless. A stag do is no longer confined to one night. Weekends and even holidays abroad are now frequently being booked for stag parties. So should you stay in the UK or go to an idyllic part of the world to celebrate? Let’s explore so you can make up your mind!

Stay in the UK – Pros

  • Less travel time. Any major city is within reasonable travelling distance in the UK. You can drive, take the train or bus and get discounts when booked in advance
  • You know what you’re going to get with UK accommodation, chain hotels are the best bet
  • No surprises with the food and drink, well catered for if allergic or intolerant to certain foods
  • No language barriers, unless you count a strong accent!

Stay in the UK – Cons

  • The lovely British weather. Unfortunately, sunshine cannot be guaranteed in the UK, so it could be a miserable weekend if you’ve got outdoor activities booked
  • The cost of accommodation, food, drinks and activities can be expensive, especially if you have a tight budget
  • Stricter rules in strip clubs. There’s no touchy-feely in the UK clubs, so not as much fun!
  • Possibility of seeing someone you know, when you’re so drunk you’re cuddling a traffic cone wearing a tiara…
  • No one is looking out for you. We mean that you won’t have a local guide who will organise and look after your party when you’re sozzled

Raining in the UK

Go Abroad – Pros

  • Sunshine!! Especially in the summer (obvs). Outdoor activities are so much better in the sun and so is having a beer later!
  • Cheaper food and drink. Everything’s always cheaper in eastern European countries, you get a lot more for your money
  • Strip clubs are far more chilled. Yes boys, that means you can touch those gorgeous ladies!
  • Delicious new food to try and drinks that will blow your head off
  • Unlikely to see anyone you know, which is always good if you want to really go crazy!


Go Abroad – Cons

  • Different languages mean that communication might be difficult. However, with Stag Republic, our tour guides will be there to help translate
  • Fewer people might attend, going abroad means taking time off work and partners might not like it!
  • Some people don’t like change. So if the beer tastes weird and the food isn’t the same, a different language might send some people over the edge. To fully enjoy your stag do, make sure everyone is on board!

Wherever you decide to go for your stag do, make sure you go with the people who know you best and do everything you want to do! Obviously, we’re biased, but Stag Republic will organise THE best stag party if you decide to go abroad!