Stag Parties and strippers go together like a horse and carriage. Or is that marriage? Anyhoo, doesn’t matter, what matters is that you understand just how many types of stripping shows there are. You have so many to choose from boys, you have some big decisions to make…

Your Stag Party Stripper can be included in many different activities, should you so desire. From the minute you land, you can jump in your bus/Limo/Hummer at the airport and have a sizzlingly hot stripper waiting, wearing little more than a big smile! Have a trip on the river in a Party Boat, take a couple of strippers on board to entertain and tease the Stag, or ramp things up and book a Lesbian Show, who knew boating could be so much fun?! Stag Party Strippers can also be added on to any of your Stag Party Dinners, to aid digestion and make you forget all about dessert!

Feeling hungry, but just have to see some boobs while you eat? Why not order the Naked Body Buffet? A seriously sexy, naked lady will be lying on a table, covered only by some delicious nibbles. It’s your mission boys, to eat as much as you can to finally reveal what’s underneath! Choose from fruit, chocolate and whipped cream, or Sushi to snack on. Eating off skin instead of a plate is one crazy experience!

Naked body buffet

Have you all been very naughty boys? If that’s the case, then book yourselves the Budapest Dominatrix, she’ll deliver your punishment accordingly. This is brilliant to play as a prank on the Stag, get him blindfolded during a normal strip show and let the Dominatrix take over to humiliate and punish him! Hilarious for the boys, scary memories for the Stag! If you all like a little bit of bum-smacking, then, by all means, book her as a show for all of you, as far as she’s concerned; the more, the merrier!

If the Prank Stripper is doing it for you, then maybe the Hitch-Hiking Stripper would satisfy. When you’re travelling to your hotel, a hitch-hiking lady will appear on the road and of course, you’ll pick her up. When she gets on the bus, she’ll start taking all of her clothes off! The Stag will be shocked and hilariously embarrassed. Not good enough? Why not get the Stag arrested by a Female Police Officer? During any activity, the Stag Party Stripper will arrive in full uniform, march up to the stag and arrest him for whatever you like! Once he’s in a panic, she’ll begin her strip show, teasing and tantalising…

Budapest strippers

So guys, who are you going to choose?