Stag group tasting Hungarian wines in a Budapest café

If you’re the kind of stags who aren’t necessarily into drinking and strippers or are more mature gentlemen who have long tired of the typical stag culture, then let us introduce you to the more sophisticated stag do in Budapest!

Budapest is a cosmopolitan city, lined with 19th Century boulevards, great culture and great food. It has been said that the atmosphere and architecture is reminiscent of Berlin, Prague and Moscow. There are bars and restaurants abound, our wonderful guides can give you advice on which are the best to visit for a delicious meal, without being interrupted by hoards of drunken men and women!

For a more low key, cultured activity, how about some classy Wine Tasting? An English speaking Sommelier will talk you through the process, introducing you all to 6 Hungarian wines, we’ll also throw in a cheese board to bring out the taste of the wine!

A great activity as an alternative is the Trabant Tour. The Trabants are old Hungarian cars that don’t go very fast! We have a number of them, so a few of you can have a go at driving, don’t worry, there’ll be an instructor with you, just in case…and for the Stag, we have a lovely pink ‘Hello Kitty’ to drive, if he’s not worried about ruining his reputation. 😋 After a serene drive through Budapest’s beautiful countryside, you’ll be greeted in a charming village pub and served a delicious Hungarian meal. What a fantastic way to spend a few hours!

If there are any sailors among you, or you just like bobbing around on the water, maybe a trip on a Party Boat might float your boat (sorry 😂). It doesn’t have to be a crazy party with pints galore and people throwing up over the side of the boat. It can be a peaceful sail down the river, with your guide giving you a talk on the history of the river and the area, we can bring along a buffet and some Hungarian vintage wine, ‘Tokaj’, to set the atmosphere.

There are plenty of other activities for the classier gents, check out Life Drawing, Shooting, Sports and the fabulous Day Spas for some wonderful alternatives – have the kind of Stag Do that YOU want, we can arrange it all!

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