Here at Stag Republic, we believe in giving the Stags exactly what they want. You can organise your own Stag Do in Budapest, include all of the activities you’d like to do and we’ll arrange everything for you, so you don’t miss out. We’ll sort your accommodation and your transfers, including one of our fabulous local guides, who will accompany you on your activities for the weekend. Don’t worry, she’s unshockable, nothing you guys do will embarrass her or make her leave you in the middle of nowhere (unless you’re complete numpties of course!)

Now, when is a Stag Do not a Stag Do? When there are no pranks! No doubt you and the boys already have some in mind for the Stag, but have a look at what we can organise for you…

Is your Stag someone who never does anything wrong? Is he a goody two shoes? Then how about frightening the life out of him, by having him arrested? We can arrange for 2 plain clothes police officers to come and arrest your Stag for being drunk & disorderly. He’ll then be taken away (blindfolded – yes we know this might give the game away, but it’s still good fun!) to a special office for processing, but instead will be taken to one of the top strip clubs in town. Once you’re all there, your Stag will be sat on a chair, centre stage, blindfold whipped away, to reveal a stripper waiting to titillate and tease. All the while, you guys can whistle, whoop and take incriminating photos!

More humiliation can be arranged in the form of a Roly-Poly Lady handcuffed to the Stag for an hour, on your Pub Crawl.  Alternatively, if you boys have a thing for handcuffing, then how about our Dwarf, handcuffed to the Stag? Cute little guy, but he’s as hard as nails – so no messing!

Roly Poly stripper

Want to scare the pants off the Stag? We have a Fake Bride who will turn up uninvited, complete with marriage papers and a suitcase, to claim what is rightfully hers – your Stag! She’ll take him away and perform a delightful strip show for 3-4 songs, magical! You could also book the Cleaning Lady Stripper. He’ll least expect anything to happen in the apartment, so when the cleaning lady shows up to clean, he won’t think anything of it, except for when she starts dancing and taking off her clothes!

Cleaning Lady Stripper Prank

Pranks abound on your Stag Do in Budapest boys, it’s expected, don’t let yourselves down!