Challenge a local team
Challenge a local team

Just because our company is ‘Stag Republic’, you don’t have to be a Stag or be having a Stag Do to enjoy the activities we offer. If the boys are just fancying some male bonding time away, or your footie club wants to get together for a sporty weekend away, then look no further than our amazing Sports Tours in Budapest and Krakow!

You can use our services in exactly the same way as the Stags would; pick up at airport, arranging your sports events and a guide to help you navigate the language and the best places to go.

In Budapest, the boys can have a giggle with Bubble Football, not a serious football competition but absolutely hilarious! Wrapped up in a giant bubble, you can attempt to play football while not having the physical capability, you’ll split your sides laughing! A great way to wind down after serious sports competitions.There’s also 5-a-side, which speaks for itself, we’ll take you there and pick you up and you can choose between AstroTurf and Clay to play on and we’ll throw in a round of beers for after your match, what’s not to like?

For the more seriously sporty guys, we offer Rugby and Ice Hockey. If you’re rugger types, we will organise for your guys to play against a Hungarian team, but you can decide whether you’d like to play a team who are weak, average or good. Be honest about your skills, because if they beat you in a spectacular fashion, you’ll be having a Banquet Dinner with them post match, so you don’t want to be hanging your head in shame! Dinner consists of 2 courses and 2 beers, a fab ending ( or start!) to the evening!

If Ice Hockey floats your boat, you can still choose how experienced you’d like the opposing team to be and you’ll also have 2 qualified referees, a clock operator and a doctor, so the game is as safe and as professional as it can be! There are also changing rooms and showers, so you can all get yourselves ready for the crazy nightlife of Budapest 👍

If Krakow’s where you’re fancying, then Bubble Footy and 5-a-side are available here too. If watching a football match is up your alley, then the boys could take in a local Polish match, see how they do things differently here! You can also play on a full size pitch against a local team, including a cheerleader and free round of beers after the match!

Alternatively, you could sit down to a Match Day Meal in ‘Champs ‘n’ Chicks’ (kinda like ‘Hooters’ 😉) There’s the Super Burger Challenge – 3Kg of burger, if you manage to finish, then you win a free bottle of vodka! You will have a reserved table inside Cracovia Stadium and watch a sports match of your choice ( dependent on who’s playing at the time of booking).

You can either play or watch your favourite sports, with your best buds or team, no Stag required!

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