Beautiful local girl with a Budapest stag group in a nightclub

Stag Tours – What are they all about? Well boys, if you’re the lads who enjoy a kick about, or are really into your rugby or football, then we can arrange a weekend for you that revolves around your favourite sport. Of course, even if you’re not on a Stag Weekend, but you and the lads just fancy a couple of days away, for a birthday or other celebration, then a Sports Tour could be right up your street!

Leave all the nitty-gritty to us, your accommodation, the pitches, referees and opposition will all be organised ready for when you arrive, no need to worry about bringing a ball, just bring a towel ready for your shower after the game?

So what can we offer you, to entice you away from the UK for a while? Well, you can have a 5-a-side kick about with your mates ( yes I know that you could do this at home) but you wouldn’t get one of our fabulous guides to act as cheerleader, translator and all-round party entertainer, for a start. You get to choose whether you want to play inside or out, on AstroTurf or Clay and we’ll shout you to a round of beers afterwards. Our guide can then take you all out for the evening on a Guided Nightlife Tour, to the best bars, pubs and clubs ( yes even the strip clubs, our girls know their stuff!) and then get VIP Entry with a free drink to the establishment of your choice! Woo Hoo!

If you’re up for a laugh, then we can provide a brilliant ‘sport’ to make you howl. Bubble Football is hilarious, you won’t be scoring many goals as you are encased in a huge Zorb Ball and tackling often ends up as a big heap on the floor, with only legs to be seen?

If you boys are more into your rugby, then we can organise a game for you with local opposition. Don’t get into any arguments though, as they’ll be joining you for a Banquet Dinner after the game!

Aside from these sports, we can also book you all on to many other activities such as paintballing if you still feel like running around, releasing pent up energy. Go Karting, Shooting, Sky Diving are all available to give you all that flood of adrenalin should you fancy. To relax, you could go for a dip in the Thermal Baths, or even have a Day Spa to chill out after all that running around…and don’t forget, the gorgeous girls, cheap beer and delicious food. Stag or no Stag, it matters not, just come and enjoy!