City Tour by Coach

If you fancy going on a Stag Tour, we can make this happen. We know that there are Stags out there who just want to party, there are others who just want to play sport, whatever floats your boat, we can arrange the best Stag activities for your tour so that it is personal to your group and you can adapt it however you wish!

In Budapest and Kraków, we offer a fantastic ‘Sports Tour’, where you can choose from ‘Full Pitch Footie’, 5-a-side, a Match Day Meal or the absolute classic ‘Bubble Football’. There won’t be many goals scored, but there will be hilarity and laughter abound! Keep your camera ready for some excellent photo opportunities, to be spread all over social media, or in your secret Stag stash at home! One of our stunning guides will look after you all, to ensure that you have the best experience possible. She will do all she can to prevent any injuries while you kick about, so please be gentle with her!

One of the unique qualities of Stag Republic is that we employ the best local guides you have ever come across. These girls know their stuff; the area, the language and they know the best places to go for a party. Our ladies speak English fluently, they are enthusiastic and caring! They will make sure you don’t get ripped off or get in any trouble while you’re here and they’ll interpret for you if you need it.

In Riga, we offer the perfect drinking tour, which would satisfy any Stag’s appetite. Starting with the Classic Stag Dinner, you get a vodka to start, 3 beers throughout the meal, 2 courses and a stripper for dessert! Once you’re full to the brim, one of our guides will take you to a local casino, where you can have a flutter on roulette and have a game of Black Jack, whilst sampling the local beer. You will then be rounded up to start your Guided Nightlife Tour – 6 hours in the best pubs, bars and clubs in Riga, with the hottest women, all waiting to be your friends! We’ll throw in a free entry to a club of your choice and a round of free beers, why not?

We want you to have  Stag Weekend of your life, so let us help you to plan it and allow our fantastic guides to show you the way!