For football-crazy stags, we have the ideal package for you to enjoy while celebrating the upcoming nuptials. Stag Republic can organise a corker of a stag do, including 5-a-side football games and full pitch games to ensure you get your fix of your favourite sport. There are other fantastic activities to take part in that could make your weekend simply epic. We’ll also make sure there’s plenty of partying afterwards, with bars, clubs and strippers, if that’s your kind of thing…

Bubble Football

We know it has ‘football’ in the title, but this is used in the loosest possible terms. It’s the most hilarious game you will ever play. Trussed up in a huge, bouncy ball, you get to play in 2 teams, which really involves bouncing into each other and falling over a lot and giggling insanely whilst doing so. You can keep score if you want, but why not just enjoy the sheer madness of it all?

Bubble Football

Craft Beer Tasting

If you love your speciality beers, then this activity is made for you! Just like wine tasting, you get to sample 5 different types of craft beers and you’ll have a professional walk you through it, so by the end, you’ll all be experts on craft beers! There are nibbles provided to keep your tummies happy, in the form of veggies, sausage, pickles and bread – they make the beer taste exquisite! There are also 20 different types of beer on tap, so you won’t find it hard to find one you like.

An interesting machine called the hopinator

Quad Biking

For the guys who love speed and the thrill of racing, this is a classic activity for stags. Quad biking through the Budapest hills is exhilarating and so much fun! You get an hour’s drive time and an instructor who will talk you through all of the safety measures, along with coveralls and helmets. Once you’ve drained the quad bikes of their very life-blood, you’ll be provided with a round of beers, to discuss who came out on top.

Quading in the forests outside of Riga on a stag do

Party Bus

When the day is coming to an end, you’ve had your dinner and you’re all dressed up ready for the evening, the perfect way to get in the partying mood is on our Party Bus! This is no half-hearted attempt at partying on the move; our buses are pimped to the max. Comfortable seats, up to the minute sound system and a full mini bar just waiting for you to bring it to life! With plenty of room available inside, you can even book yourselves some strippers to take along for the ride!

Inside the Budapest party bus