If you’re after something a little more off the beaten track, something a little more unusual for your stag do, then look no further than Riga, in Latvia. This funky little town has all you need for a cracking weekend of fun, laughter and all things stag, minus the antlers…


If you’ve never seen the Disney film ‘Cool Runnings’, now’s the time to check it out! It centres all around the Olympic Bobsledding teams, so you’ll get to see just how it’s done. You and the boys will be able to glide down the chutes at top speed, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter – then wheels can be used instead of snow! So if high adrenalin levels are your thing, book yourselves a treat!

Sauna Party

Oh yes, a party in a sauna? Only in Riga! Make sure your bods are in tip-top shape for this special activity. We’ll provide a couple of drinks on the house, but feel free to bring your own or the bar’s always open! There’s also a jacuzzi for you to dip in and out of, but to get the party started, why not add a few strippers? Imagine a couple of the most stunning girls joining you in the jacuzzi, stripping down to nothing…or maybe you shouldn’t, could get veeery awkward!!

Riga Sauna Party

38 Rounds

Fancy yourself as a hot shot? Get your hands on some of the most powerful firearms, which are not even allowed in the UK! Have yourselves a friendly competition to see who can hit the bullseye with guns like the Glock, Kalashnikov, Taurus Revolver and Pump Action. You get 38 rounds, plenty for you to be able to judge who’s the best straight shooter!

Beer Bike

Mix a bike and 25 litres of beer and what do you get? The Beer Bike of course (well, it is in the title!) You and the boys get to ride around lovely Riga, checking out the sights and the stunning girls as you guzzle down litres of the brown stuff. A fantastic activity which includes exercise and we won’t charge you for that! Don’t worry, should you get too sozzled, you’ll have a driver to take control, just in case…

Three lads on the beer bike in Budapest


Guided Pub Crawl

There’s nothing better than having a local guide escort you around a city that you don’t know. She’ll show you all the best places to go for a crazy party and anywhere you fancy visiting – including strip clubs! You’ll have her wonderful company for at least 5 hours, so make the most of her knowledge while you have her there. You’ll get a free round of beers to get you started and don’t forget to use your manners with the local ladies if you want to pull – they’re not pushovers and are used to big, burly Russian guys chatting them up. So get your act together and use your charm offensive!

For that unusual stag do in Riga, choose some activities you may never have thought of to make that special weekend go with a bang!!